10 Tips For Taking Great Travel Photos

Here are ten tips for taking the best travel pictures when you on are on your next weekend trip or long vacation. These tips will help you get the most out of your picture-taking and you will enjoy them more.

Tip Number 1: Take pictures of signs

They will help you remember where you were and make great intros to slideshows, albums and scrapbooks.

Tip Number 2: Capture the details

Take some close-ups. Zoom in on small things you might not otherwise notice and take time to photograph the extras that tell the story – muses, food, maps, your dinner.

Tip Number 3: Get inspiration from others

Look to see what everyone else may be taking photos of: others might have found a great view or subject, learn from them.

Tip Number 4: Look down – foot shots

There are interesting things on the ground, landmark seals, city drain covers – get your feet in the shot so you remember everyone that was there.

Tip Number 5: Look back

For a fun shot, run ahead of the group and look back to take the shot.

Tip Number 6: Look for photo opps

Have fun – pose with statues or look for reflective surfaces to capture yourself.

Tip Number 7: Look for themes

Take pictures of things you enjoy, like a collection – cupcakes, dogs, little cars, palm trees

Tip Number 8: Try a different angle

Try shooting straight up at a building or down from the top of a lighthouse. Hold the camera over your head and take a shot looking up at the camera.

Tip Number 9: Get in the shot

Make sure you can tell you were on the trip too and use a small tripod to get the entire group in the photo, including you.

Tip Number 10: Be prepared

Do some research ahead of time for ideal photo ops, bring extra batteries and memory cards. There’s nothing like having your camera die on you at the opportune time.

These photo tips are from Kodak. For more photography tips visit Kodak’s Tips & Projects Exchange at exchange.kodak.com

Check out some of our photos using some of the very techniques we discussed above.

wall street sign new york city

Here is a picture of the Famous Wall Street sign in New York City

signs mystic connecticut

Signs in Mystic, Connecticut

picture of woman's feet in sand

Take a picture of your feet. Just look down and aim and shoot. It can be a good shot.

capital building washington dc

Take pictures of famous buildings, like this one of the Capital building in Washington, DC.

vietnamese banh- mi sandwich

Get up and close with your food. It puts your reader or your friends in the action and makes them want to be there with you.

Taking good pictures is more about the perspective you have, not the camera. I use a standard point and shoot camera and took all of these pictures. I am not a professional photographer and don’t know how to use any special settings. I just think about what I am looking at and what I want others to see through my eyes and take the picture. Lighting does help a lot though so make sure you don’t take your photos in bright sunlight. I find that a clear day or rainy day takes some of the best pictures.

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