20Q The Game that Reads Your Mind

The 20Q game from the Techno Source is the game that reads your mind. @20QMindReader At last night’s party the kids who came knew all about it and some even had their own. They told me that it is a lot of fun.

20Q is an electronic game of twenty questions that is entertaining and can really spook you out. How did it know I was thinking that? To play you think of something and 20Q guesses what’s on their mind in twenty questions or less.

20q electronic game review

If you have ever played 20 questions you know how addictive it can be. 20Q from Techno Source can be played alone so you don’t need anyone around to be entertained.

First, thing of something, anything. It can be an animal, object, or anything really. Then turn on 20Q and it will ask you questions like:

Is it an animal? vegetable? mineral? Your job is to select the Yes or No, Sometimes, or Rarely. 20Q gathers your answers to help figure out what you are thinking. When you push the button to answer it makes a beeping, robot-kind-of sound and kids love that. It makes it more entertaining.

The 20Q electronic game is small enough for small hands to hold and since it is small it doesn’t take up much space so you can take it with you on long car rides.

When 20Q has asked all of the questions it blinks and then scrolls the answer across the screen. The kids were so amazed that it got the answer correctly. It usually will get the correct answer but sometimes you can stump it.

Does 20Q have magical powers? We don’t know, do you?

The game does require 2 AAA batteries but they are included.It is affordable too at right around $9.99 to $12.99 depending on where you buy it. And, it is available everywhere toys are sold. 20Q is also available in a larger mega-screen size too.

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