4 Major Toy Trends from the Toy Fair in NYC

We attended the Toy Fair in NYC last weekend and this is a recap of the toy trends we learned about at the Toy Trends Tea in the Press Room. This year they allowed Bloggers to attend as part of the media. I met up with some familiar bloggers like Cool Mom Pics and the blogger from the Family section of About.com. We also got to meet one of the editors of Consumer Reports who gave us great tips for writing product reviews.

As usually the Toy Fair was huge, hosting over 100,000 toys. It was next to impossible to take it all in so spending time at the Toy Trends Tea to learn about the hot trends was a great recap of the show.

One of the biggest things we took away from the tea was that people are ready to have fun again. With the economy keeping everyone down and Winter still upon us toys are a great way to make us laugh and feel good about ourselves – whether we are kids or adults.

The First Toy Trend: Simply Social

With social networking growing by leaps and bounds it is only natural that products, and toys would follow along with that trend.

Games that are played online or on apps through a Smartphone are now going to be made into traditional games that can be played around the dinner table. Angry Birds was a good example of this. Some traditional games will now work in conjunction with apps.

Some toys now have technology that can hook them into your iPad or Smartphone and can be fully immersible where every member can play at the same time without waiting to take their turn.

Social games will build social awareness and teach kids things like how to save money and to become a better global citizen.

Barbie’s new careers is another example of a social toy that will show kids all kinds of unconventional careers available to women like Race Car Driver, Rock Star, Pet Vet, Dentist, Snowboarder, Pizza Chai Ballroom Dancer, Baby Sitter, Kid Doctor, or Engineer.

Barbie's new careers engineer

The Second Toy Trend: Performance Play

Performance games gets kids up and active. Games like Lasertag and Nerf Blasters, active dance games like Angelina Ballerina and Just Dance are fun so kids don’t know they are exercising. Brain games help kids use their brain power to beat someone elses brain power.

nerf blaster

The Third Toy Trend: Cent-sational

Pokemon was huge in 1999 but it is making a comeback because of a new generations of kids who are not familiar with them.

Products for all wallets are available. Say you love Scrabble. You could buy the board game to be played on a table for $10 but spend $50 if you want the version that is played on a game console.

Mini figures are great because of their “mini pricetag” which is added value for kids and adults. Toys like Moshi Monster that can be created, nurtured and then traded are perfect for kids who like to collect and trade.

BananagramsThe Fourth Toy Trend: Design, Discover, and Learn

DIY and Hands on learning called Camouflage learning includes games kids play or crafts where they don’t realize they are learning. You will see lots of spy, crime scene, and detective games coming out this year.

csi crime scene gameGeek Chic for older kids – kits that kids can build that teach science,electronics, engineering, and computer skills.

Games that are being incorporated in school learning environments are coming from, and may already be in schools, Lego, Crayola, and Kinetics.

Constructables are games that are built and then played on – rebuilt and played again. Kids get to actually build the game and then play the game so it is added value for the parents.

Crafts and DIY are also big with an increasing number of 3-D game play, while arts and crafts play help kids get in touch with their creative side.

Over 40 3-D movieswill be coming out this year. These kid’s movies will have a complete line of toys around them. Movies like the Green Lantern, Cars 2, Smurfs in NYC, Winnie the Pooh, and Happy Feet 2. You can look forward to other movies coming out like Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Transformers, Harry Potter, and Twilight Saga 2.

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