Affordable Holidays Gifts That Wow!

It’s time for holiday gift giving and we all want to spend less but give a gift that WOWs our recipient. Here is a list of gifts that are definitely affordable and will have your gift recipient saying wow, cool, and what the heck is that!

Vidpro Gripster Flexible Digital Camera Tripod

Gripster flexible camera tripod reviewsThese little flexible tripods are great for using with any digital camera or flip video camera. They can bend and wrap around things like a door knob, a chair back, rail on a shelf, or just set it on a table so you can get the perfect shot. Many brands will cost you upwards of $30 but the Gripster is super affordable (around $2.00) and it’s super handy to have around. This model is designed for a small digital camera like a Nikon Coolpix but you can get them for larger cameras and they are even available for the iPhone.

This Vidpro Gripster flexible tripod is identical to the Gorillapod but is significantly less expensive. It works great, is sturdy, stable, and holds a lightweight digital camera without any problems.


Joby Gorillatorch Flexible Tripod Flashlight

gorillatorch flexible flashlight with tripodAlong the same lines as the flexible camera tripod, comes the Joby Gorillatorch Adjustable and Flexible Tripod Flashlight. You can buy it alone or in a kit that comes with Zeikos 3100MAH AA NIMH Batteries and Rapid AC/DC Charger.

The Joby Gorillatorch Flashlight is a must-have for auto repair, home improvement, camping and more. Its adaptable form enables you to stow it anywhere. Strong magnetic feet and flexible legs add to the appeal of this portable flashlight. It is lightweight and easy-to-use, enabling hands free usage on your next adventure. The kit costs around $34.95. If you only want the flashlight the cost is about $29.95 so the kit is much more practical.


Texting Gloves for Winter

magic texting glovesAnother hot and “wow” factor item you should put on your gift list this year is a pair of texting gloves. These special gloves allow you to use your Smartphone’s touch screen while you have them on. Try doing that with a regular pair of gloves and you will find out quickly that it doesn’t work.

I have seen several on the market but the only ones that don’t have the hideous and obvious forefinger and thumb fabric showing is the Grandoe Sensor Touch Gloves. The technology in these gloves is actually woven into the fibers of the gloves so you can’t even tell there is anything different about them.

You can get the Grandoe Sensor touch gloves in leather or knit. Men’s style retail for $45 and women’s style retail $40. They are available online and at various store locations.

If you don’t mind a texting glove that just has the connectivity on the index and thumb then you might want to try the Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves or even this cheaper brand we found called the Magic texting glove. They only cost $9.99 and come in all kinds of colors and even stripes.


Bobble Water Bottle

bobble water bottleThese unique water bottles actually have a carbon, water filter built right into the top. The entire bottle is completely recyclable and it is an Oprah recommended eco-friendly product. The Bobble saves you money by offering a system that filters your tap water thus eliminating the need to purchase costly single-serve bottled water.

The design is pleasing too. Renowned designer, Karim Rashid, created the look and Bobble has an easy grip, squeezable design. The mouthpiece snap open and closed, much like plastic sport’s drink nozzles, and oval plastic caps protects them from dirt and contaminants when not in use.

They sell for around $8.99 each and are cheaper if you buy them in groups of six. You can get them for kids and adults.


Stay tuned for more fab gifts for the holidays that are affordable and will wow your friends and family.

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