Review of Build-A-Bear Bears and Outfits

This Build-a-Bear review is from personal purchases and we were not sent any Build-a-Bear merchandise from the company. All opinions are 100% our own.

BuildABear reviewWe recently purchased Build-a-Bear bears and outfits for our granddaughter, Ava. While we were visiting her she spent time showing us her different bears and how she dresses them up in the different outfits we got her. She has given each of her bears names and she plays dress up a lot. She is 4 and at the perfect age to start collecting dolls and stuffed animals. It seemed that her two favorite bears were the brown bear and pink bear. She liked to dress the pink one up in the fairy costume and silver shoes. The brown bear was dressed up in the Marine outfit and boots, just like her Daddy wears (he’s a Marine). We bought her a nurse outfit because her Mom is a nurse too.

She kept saying that the bears were dressed up for Halloween. While we were visiting for the 4 days she dressed and undressed the Build-A-Bear bears a lot and seemed to really have a fun time with them.



From our experience, while the Build-A-Bear bears and outfits are slightly costly, it does give children’s something to collect other than dolls. They can collect the outfits and even trade them with their friends. The stores are very colorful, fun, and organized. The ladies who helped us in the store were very friendly as well and seemed very excited about the product. Build-a-Bear bears are purchased empty and get filled at the store. Your child can even help. They run around $15 and up and the outfits run from $6 for shoes to $12.50 for outfits. It can get to be a costly collection but it does give you child something to work for as they get older and earn allowance money.

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  • Kids love collecting and playing with Build-a-Bear
  • the stores are bright, fun, and employees very helpful
  • lots of outfits to collect
  • quality bears and outfits


  • can get expensive


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