Buitoni Riserva Chicken and Mushroom Dinner for Two Review

When were were in Walmart last night I decided I wanted to try the new Buitoni Riserva Dinner for Two kit. I had just seen a commercial for this new product on TV and the picture on the box was enticing enough to make me want to try it. Since I know what basic ravioli with red sauce tastes like I thought it might be nice to try something different so we opted for the Chicken and Mushroom Ravioli with Marsala Wine Sauce kit.


What you get in the box:

  • Ravioli pasta
  • Sauce
  • $1.50 off coupon on your next purchase


The Buitoni Riserva Dinner is easy to make up, just put the sauce pouch (do not open) in a pot of boiling water to thaw while cooking the ravioli in the same pot of boiling water. In about 5 minutes remove the sauce pouch and drain the water from the ravioli. Put the ravioli on a serving plate or individual plates and top with the sauce.

What ends up on your plate is close to what is pictured on the box, minus the professional pictures.

The marsala wine sauce smells great once it is warm and you can definitely smell the wine in it.

They say on the box that the ravioli is filled with a blend of cheeses, white meat chicken and Portabello mushrooms. We were not impressed by the taste. While the taste wasn’t bad, it was just okay and you do not taste the chicken at all. You do taste the mushrooms and there are extra mushrooms in the sauce.

The kit is definitely enough food for two people. We even had a few pieces left over.



The cost of the Buitoni Riserva dinner kit was $7.98. I thought it was a bit high but since it was a new product I thought it was okay for a first try but after eating it I find it was definitely not worth the cost. Ravioli, fresh or frozen, doesn’t cost this much so I assume you are paying for the sauce and maybe the larger ravioli pieces. I think it would be okay if the cost was around $4.98. Maybe the cost is higher because it is a new product.

I think the traditional ravioli with the red sauce might be better to try and since we have the $1.50 I will look to see if it is available and cheaper at the Commissary.


  • everything together in one kit
  • easy to make


  • just average taste
  • too expensive for what you get

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  1. ITA with your review about the chicken mushroom pasta, if you get a chance to try them, the two different seafood ones and the spinach and mozzarella are SO much better. I’ve also heard the butternut squash one is pretty good, but I don’t care for squash so can’t give my opinion on that. lol

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