Comcast XFinity Keeps Your Active Family Connected and Safe

This week I had the privilege of visiting aHome of Distinction by My CT Dream Home builders in North Haven, Connecticut. This home is state-of-the-art construction featuring premium quality and ultimate comfort and convenience. The house was beautiful! Top of the line materials, amazing open floor plan, marble countertops, high end appliances… the list goes on.

Home of Distinction North Haven Connecticut

In addition to gleaming hardwood floors and a palatial master bathroom, the home is equipped with all the newly updated, high-tech Xfinity systems that Comcast offers, which are perfect for all your family’s needs! Here at Sweeties Kidz everything we share is kid AND mom approved, so Xfinity gets high marks from all of us.

Comcast XFinity Kids Channels, Parental Controls

Xfinity X1 is an entertainment operating system that gives Xfinity cable TV customers an interactive TV experience. You can easily find and watch pretty much any show or movie from TV, DVR, or Xfinity on Demand. The system can tailor its content to your likes and preferences, making search and find for your favorites a breeze. The coolest feature is the voice-controlled remote control, where you can simply say what you’re looking for (show name, actor, music group, anything!), and the system will bring up a list of content that matches your request! Such an awesome feature.

Comcast Xfinity Voice Remote Control

And since we’re talking content, Xfinity offers Kids Zone, a safe and secure place for kids to independently explore their favorite content. The platform is colorful and very easy to navigate and use (think Netflix or Amazon Prime TV), and can be tailored to certain age groups if you prefer.

Comcast XFinity Kids Channels, Parental Controls

Now I don’t know about you, but technology on the go has become a huge part of family life for this mom of three kids, including a busy toddler. So when I learned about Xfinity TV’s mobile apps, I was sold! They have apps for both Android and iOS platforms that allow the user to stream their X1 DVR recordings, view and schedule the recording of your favorite shows, as well as download content to your device for playback when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

And did I mention that Comcast offers thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation? Now when in we’re the middle of Stop & Shop and my 2 year old begins to melt down because she just HAS to watch “Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” NOW (can you tell this has happened before? more than once…), I can pull up our DVR and instantly her wish is granted and peace ensues. (Yes she’s spoiled…she’s the third child. Don’t judge me!)

Comcast XFinity Kids Channels, Parental Controls

With multiple children in our family, who are getting older and busier each year, our family is often stretched in many directions each day. Between work, school, and activities, we are often pressed for time and its helpful to have an extra hand at home when we’re not there. Enter Xfinity Home, which is Comcast’s home security, control, and energy management platform that allows us to stay connected to our home while we are on the go. With the Xfinity Home app, the web portal, or the touch screen console, I can set or disarm alarm systems, switch on the holiday lights, turn off a coffee pot left on, turn up the thermostat on a chilly afternoon before we get home for dinner, let the plumber in while we’re away, and much much more. The system will also notify me if the alarm is triggered or if a door or window opens while we’re gone. This system basically has your home covered in all directions.

Comcast XFinity Home

So the Home of Distinction was awesome, but the AWESOMER thing (is that even a word? I vote yes) is that these Xfinity systems are being offered in most Comcast major markets. You may have Comcast already and don’t even know these are available to you!  I recommend you give them a call. The company itself is changing and their focus now is Delivering Awesome to all their customers, including revamping their Customer Service help lines (which were notorious for their, ahem, poor service). So make YOUR home a home of distinction too! And let Xfinity help you manage your family’s needs.

I was invited to attend the XFinity Moms event at the Home of Distinction to learn about Comcast XFinity. I also received some product in exchange for sharing what I learned.