Find the Cheapest Gas with the GasBuddy App

Gas price are through the roof so saving even a few cents a gallon is necessary right now. The easiest way to find the cheapest gas in your area, or anywhere you happen to be at the moment, is with Gas Buddy.

This handy service finds a list of gas stations right around your location with the lowest prices. Just stick in your zip code or state (Canadian provinces, too) on their website or let it find your current location through the app.

And just for using the Gas Buddy website you can earn points for every gas price reported and use those points towards prizes.

The Gas Buddy app is free and available for the iPhone, Droid Smartphones, and Windows phone. You can download it through the App Store or scan the CQ tag with the tag reader app on your phone.

Here are some screenshots from the GasBuddy app

gas buddy app

find the cheapest gas with gas buddy app

Source: Gas Buddy

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