Free Kids iPad App: Mr. Shape’s TouchCard – Excellent!

Mr. Shape’s TouchCard is a Free kids app designed to teach young children about shapes and objects, the sounds they make and also about colors. It is a lot of fun and has entertaining music. It is good for the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch. Originally created for Japanese children, the Mr. Shape TouchCard is now available in English in the iTunes store.

“Mr. Shape’s TouchCard is a picture cards app for kids. There are various picture cards. With touching the card by fingers, you can make a sound and/or move each parts of the picture. Also you can play as silhouette quiz, or “guess the name” game.

There are 9 picture cards included and a deluxe version is on the way with more picture cards.

Our Review: This is the cutest app I have seen for young children. Every picture card you click on is interactive. My favorite, as an adult, is the toilet. Press the character and he makes a grimacing face and gives off a “poop” sound. You can even flush the toilet. On the bicycle the wheels turn. Turn them faster and the background scene moves making the bike appear to move. The lion roars, and press on each grape and it makes a noise or plays a song. There is no much going on that is interactive your child will find new things each time while learning all about the items they see.

I showed Greg and we got a kick out of this app. It is fun for adults to use with their children. There is no reading needed. Just press the Card button at the top and press one of the icons.

I look forward to a more expanded version. This free kids touchcard app would be even greater if they added a whole library of interactive cards.

Download it here or search for Mr. Shape’s in the App store.

mr-shapes-touch-card-review mr-shapes-touch-card-review

Free Kids app mr shapes touchcard iphone pad itouch

Free Kids app mr shapes touchcard iphone pad itouch

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