Earn Free Movies, Popcorn, and Soda with the O’Neil OC Loyalty Club Card

Tomorrow night we are going to see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie at our local O’Neil movie theater and I have my handy dandy loyalty club card all ready to use. When you use your loyalty card to buy movie tickets or concession stand treats you earn points towards free stuff like popcorn, soda, and more movie tickets.

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It’s easy to sign up. You can sign up right at the movie theater or online at oneilcinemas.com

I believe O’Neil Cinemas are only in Connecticut and New Hampshire as of May 2011 but they are coming to Florida, Massachusetts, and New York in the future.

When you sign up for a Free O’Neil OC Loyalty Club account and also sign up for their email newsletter you will get a coupon for a free small popcorn.

Here are how many points you need to get the freebies:

  • 15 Points: one free small popcorn
  • 30 Points: one free small drink
  • 45 Points: one free popcorn/drink combo
  • 60 Points: one free movie ticket
  • 75 Points: one free small popcorn
  • 90 Points: one free small soft drink
  • 105 Points: one free popcorn/drink combo
  • 120 Points: one free movie ticket, small popcorn and small soft drink

You will earn one point for every movie ticket you purchase for a maximum of four points per day.

You earn two points for every $5.000 spent at the concession stand for a maximum of four points per day.

O’Neil OC Loyalty Club Rules: You must be 13 years or older to sign up. Points are activated on the following business day after you use your card at the theater. The program repeats after you have earned 120 points. Keep track of your card because if it is lost or stolen you can’t get those points back.

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