How to Pick a Winter Coat that is Fashionable and Functional

#landsend When buying a winter coat you need a balance of fashion and function. Take it from LandsEnd outerwear merchant Annie Short, she lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and it gets really, really cold in the winter. I live in Connecticut and I freeze in Winter and I can just imagine how cold it gets in Wisconsin.

In the video Annie is showing the Diamond Down coat from Lands End. The 600 fill power down helps to keep you warm without adding bulk. It has a removal hood and removal faux fur trim. It has fleece lined pockets, fleece lined cuffs to keep the wind from whipping up into the sleeve, and fleece lined collar so anytime the coat touches your skin you feel warm and cozy.

No matter what age you are, if you are a women you want to look good and in brutal winters like we have in New England, staying warm is a must. I think Lands End has that balance of function and fashion.

LandsEnds has long been know for their quality products. When you buy a LandsEnds coat you know it will last forever and be fashionable. You can feel good about wearing their products.

Check out all of the LandsEnd Winter coats for women at

landsend winter coat for women

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When looking for a Winter coat you might also like to check out the LandsEnd Outwear Temperature Rating System. It will help you determine what coat is best for you in your area. Their rating is based on wearing a typical cool weather clothing.

Warm: Temperatures between 5 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Warmer: -15 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit

Warmest: -40 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit

outwear temperature rating

Source: @LandsEndPR

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