How To Prepare for a Blogging Conference

As a blogger I like to attend several conferences throughout the year. It is a good idea to prepare ahead of time and here are some things you might want to consider.

The first blogging conference I attended was Affiliate Summit held in Las Vegas in January of 2010. Then I went to Blogher 2010 held in New York City. Both of these conferences were huge with almost 3,000 people attending. Because of the size I found it hard to connect and actually felt like I stood in the corner most of the time.

I am not a shy person and I usually fit right in and go with the flow but when you are in a big venue like one of these conferences you can often feel like you are just a number.

how to prepare for a blogging conference

Here are some suggestions to prepare you to attend a blogging conference:

Visit the blogging conference’s website, register and get involved.
If you become personally involved with the members of the blog conference site you will feel like you already know people when you attend the conference.

Attend smaller conferences.
There are smaller, more intimate blogging conferences, available for you to attend. This year I attended the Reviewers Retreat and it was a joy. There were only about 150 people there and I felt welcomed and a part of the group the whole weekend. Check this site for a list of blogging conferences to find one that is smaller and more intimate.

Schedule your time.
Make sure you look at the conference schedule weeks before you arrive so you can take advantage of everything the conference has to offer. I regret missing out on so many events or sessions because I didn’t plan ahead. You can’t wait until you are at the conference to figure out what you want to go to. It is too hectic. However, you don’t want to schedule out all of your time because you want to leave time to be spontaneous as you meet people but having a schedule will help you not feel left out.

Yes, there’s that evil word again we hear so much. It’s more than a word though, it is a practice. Networking means going up to people you don’t know or joining into conversations in groups of people. You have to put that shyness away and put yourself out there if you want to get the most out of a blogging conference. You will want to have lots of business cards on hand that you can give out to people you meet. You are basically selling yourself when you meet and greet new people and hand out your business card. You never know who will keep your card and contact you in the future so give them out like they are candy.

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