How to Save Money at Your Local Amusement Parks

Tickets for amusement and theme parks are pricey but here are some tips to help you cut costs, save money and time when visiting amusement and theme parks. There is always a way to not pay full price for tickets and have a fun day-trip in your local area.

Local Advertising: Look for discount codes on the side of soda cans, especially Coke, and on your fast food takeout bags. Also look in your local newspaper. If you don’t buy or subscribe to the newspaper go to the library and read the Sunday and mid week issues.

Local Grocery Store: Look for discount codes on the side of grocery store shopping bags. Many times local amusement parks will partner with the stores to give you discount throughout the Summer season.

Amusement Park Newsletters: Visit the amusement park website and look for discounts, special days of the week you can visit that have a discounted price, and also make sure to sign up for their newsletter. Many times they offer special discounts in their newsletter you won’t find on their website.

Buy Online: Buy your tickets online through the amusement park’s website. Many times the amusement park will have a discount if you make your purchase online.

AAA: Visit and put in the zip code where the amusement park is located. AAA offers discounts to their card-holding members.

Local Library: Check your local library for discount passes. With just your library card you can check out the passes for the day and save big at the local amusement park.

Credit Card Companies: Check your credit card company’s website for discounts. Just like AAA, credit card companies offer discounts for amusement parks too.

Military Discounts: Are you a member of the military or even retired military? Amusement parks offer military discounts. All you have to do is ask.

Plan ahead. Most of these things take a few days to find so make sure you know when you are going so you can take a look around your local area for advertisements, grocery store savings, library savings, and other membership program savings.

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