Laser Treatments to Treat Nail Fungus

When you get a fungus under your nails it looks awful and it makes your fingers or toes itch, nails turn yellow and thick, and very hard to get rid of. I had a fungus under 2 of my toenails for several years and finally did something about it just this year.

If you catch the fungus early enough you can get rid of it with Lamisil cream but once it is under the nail and in the blood stream, forget about it.

When I went into the foot doctor’s office I was fully expecting to get a prescription for pills to get rid of the fungus. Normally that is how you get rid of it.

The pill method takes up to 9 months. And, you have to get a blood test to make sure your liver is okay. You take the pills every single day for 3 months and then the medicine stays in your system for another 6 months. The doctor told me you won’t see new growth for about 9 months.

A new way to get rid of nail fungus is laser treatments. The doc said it would still take as long for the fungus to go away but I only need to get one laser treatment every 3 months, so 3 times total. Yes, it does cost more (about $50 per treatment) but the insurance covers it and you don’t have to remember to take pills everyday and you don’t need to get any blood work done.

The doctor gave me cool glasses to put on to protect my eyes and then she turned the laser on and ran it over my toes. It got a little hot but that’s it. It wasn’t hot enough to burn, just mildly warm. In 5 minutes it was over.

In summary, laser treatments are more convenient to use because we are busy and it works just as well as anti-fungal pills.

Here is the before and after 3 months. The nail fungus hasn’t completely gone away but I still have 6 months to go. It does take a complete 9 months to get rid of nail fungus whether you take pills of use the laser treatments.

nail fungus treatment

Here is the picture of the foot doctor (podiatrist) using the laser. The pink color you see on my toe isn’t nail polish, it is the light of the laser.

laser nail fungus treatment

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  1. Elsie Barley says:

    VERY interesting! I will have a go with my Wellay Skin Laser, it might just do the trick.
    Thank you for the info.

  2. Thanks for the info. I’m currently nursing my baby so I can’t take the medication, this sounds like a good alternative.

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