Our Levis Denizen Jeans for Girls Review

I was looking forward to trying these for myself (Lauren), but since the manufacturer did not have my length available (I wear longs), I got some for my 4-1/2 year old daughter instead.

These jeans seem to be good quality, thick denim. The pair I received are a dark wash, and were rather stiff when brand new (as can be expected  from minimally handled denim).  The stitching seems solid; definitely up to par with regular Levi’s. I was pleased to find that there was an adjustable inner elastic waistband (my favorite feature in kids jeans) because my daughter is tall but thin and this feature is usually a necessity. The jeans are a size 6, which fit her fine, but the waist band did need adjusting a few notches.

On the downside, there was a design flaw considering this particular pair are for young children. The closure on the jeans is a standard metal button/button hole design. Anyone that has young ones can tell you that this is very impractical for kids to use easily. I would have been pleased with a snap closure, which is what I expected to find.

levis denizen girls jeans review

After I washed these jeans according to manufacturer’s instructions, they remained stiff and “uncomfortable” according to my daughter. It is hard to say if they are actually that bad, because she is in summer “sun dress mode” and wears nothing else during the hot months, so by comparison everything else is uncomfortable! They shrunk a bit in length, which is not too uncommon for darker denim.  I was disappointed though that the inner elastic waistband adjuster tore as I adjusted it, and began to fray and string apart during the wash. I had to cut off the long, stretchy strands, and hope that it doesn’t continue to the point of not being able to use it anymore.

Overall, a good pair of jeans. The true test will be whether or not they survive a normal child’s wear and tear on clothing, and I will find this out when the weather gets cooler and I can convince her to keep them on. I normally don’t pay more than $10-$15 or so for any single item of kids clothing, so I am curious as to what the market price will be for these. I would buy them If they were in my price range, but probably wouldn’t spend too much more than that because I have purchased other denim at comparable quality for less.

Update: I did find them available for purchase at Target.com and the average price is $17.99 for girls and boys, $22.99 for men’s and $24.99 for women’s.

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