Mr. Bo Finds a New Home and a New Name Children’s Book Review

This is a book review of Mr. Bo Finds a New Home and a New Name by Timothy Battle. We received a complimentary copy of the book for our review.

About the Book:

‘There it was in big letters for all to see: Recommendation: Adopt.’ He really was a nice, special male cat, and he knew soon he would be leaving this small cage for a large, comfortable house with his real name.’ A cat temporarily named Linus is living in a cat adoption center dreaming of the day someone will take him home. When a man walks in the center, Linus is sure that he has spotted his new owner. He does everything he can to catch the man’s attention: stays in the front of the cage, looks him in the eye, and even reaches his brown paw out to the man. But the man decides to think about his decision and heads out, leaving Linus to wonder when his magical day will come. Come along to see how Mr. Bo Finds a New Home and a New Name.

Mr. Bo Finds a New Home and a New Name Children’s Book Review

Our Review of the Book:

I liked the fact that this book was based on a true story and that Mr. Battle himself owns adopted cats.

Mr. Bo Finds a New Home and a New Name Children’s Book ReviewThe book starts out with a cat sitting in a cage at the cat adoption shelter waiting to be adopted. They call him Linus because they don’t know his real name, but he does and he really wants to tell someone and also has a dream of finding a new home.

Because he can’t talk he can’t tell anyone his name. He is very smart and has learned how to read the newspaper and tell him so when a man comes to the shelter he knows his “cat etiquette” and what he should and should not do to get his attention. He makes sure not to scratch or looked scared and it seems to do the trick. The man is not sure he is ready for a cat though and leaves.

Linus ends up with a new name and a new home in the end and your children will enjoy this unique perspective from the cat’s point of view. You will have to read the story to find out what happens.

When you purchase this book you also get a unique code for a free audio download of this book so you can listen on your computer, burn it into a CD or use ir on your iPod or iPhone to listen on the go.

The book is well written and makes a good read-aloud book for children and parents. It has good lessons about adoption and persistence. Cat lovers will enjoy this story.

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