P&G Future Friendly Packaging and Products Are Now In Stores

P&G is doing their part to make their products more @futurefriendly to help reduce the amount of waste in it’s packaging and products.

Have you seen the commercials yet for P&G Future Friendly packaging and products? We found some of the new packaging in our local Stop and Shop last week so they are starting to hit the stores.

P&G products that are participating in the Future Friendly initiative can be spotted with this seal on them.

P&G future friendly seal

Future Friendly products doesn’t always mean a small package to save paper and trees. It can also mean compacting a product like Pampers to make them thinner so less padding is required, thus saving on the components that make up the diaper. Read More

For Tide we found that the packaging is slightly smaller. Here are two of the very same Tide Ultra products next to each other. One doesn’t show Ultra on the box but it definitely is the same product as the one next to it. Both will wash 40 loads but the Future Friendly Tide box was slightly smaller. Even that little bit helps a lot because think of how many boxes of Tide are sold across the country. A little change can go a long way in making a major change.

tide future friendly packaging

pg-future-friendly-tide packaging

About the P&G Future Friendly Mission

We strive to reduce waste, water, energy, and CO2 through systemic conservation efforts when creating all of our products. We apply smart eco-design through innovative construction process improvements. We reuse otherwise discarded materials, giving new life to what was once waste where feasible. Our sustainable manufacturing practices have accomplished four significant ecological benefits so far. Since 2002, P&G operations have reduced, per unit of production, water consumption by 52 percent, energy usage by 48 percent, CO2 emissions by 52 percent and waste disposal by 53 percent.

Join P&G Future Friendly Facebook page to learn how you can save water, waste, and converse energy at home.

Find out more about P&G Future Friendly packaging and what products now carry the Future Friendly seal.

Disclaimer: P&G did not contact us with information about the Future Friendly initiative. We watched the commercials and decided to check it out at our local store for ourselves and then read the information on their website to find out more.

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