Review of Dr. Scholl’s for Her Foot Products

Dr Scholls sent me some fabulous foot products for Her to review. They didn’t have to convince me to write a review because I have been a fan of Dr. Scholl’s products for years and currently wear their custom Orthotics. You can find all of the Dr. Scholls products in this post at your local stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, and more. They are very affordable. Prices vary from store to store so I won’t be including them in my post except for the Fast Flats. They retail for around $14.95 but I have seen them at Walmart for $12.95. They are totally worth it.

Visit the Dr. Scholl’s website to find out where to purchase each product and to read about other great Dr. Scholl’s products that will work for your particular foot problem.

I think their spokesperson, Stacy London, is fabulous too and does a great job on the campaign. I would love to meet her. Maybe she could help me with my fashion sense.

Visit the Dr. Scholl’s for Her Facebook page to keep up with everything new and exciting happening with them.

Review of Dr. Scholl’s for Her Fast Flats

review of dr scholls fast flatsDr. Scholl’s Fast Flats are a great invention. Greg and I often go out to the local casino and sit and watch people. On Friday and Saturday nights you can see the groups of young ladies walking back and forth trolling the casino for hot guys.

They walk past going in one direction all dressed up in their finest outfit, wearing Stilettos, of course. The next time you see them on the way back they are limping and hurting, yes, because of those Stilettos they think they need to wear to attract said hot guy. On the final pass they have the Stillettos in their hands and are walking around in bare feet.

I need to setup a booth to give out Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats because this is the perfect idea for them. They are thin ballet slippers that come in a handy purse. You can just take the purse with you and just your ID and money and you’re all set. Or, put them in the purse you are going to carry and you’ve got a super way to get out of those awful Stilettos when they kill your feet.

One suggestion I would have for Dr. Scholl’s is to make the purse slightly larger because I had a hard time getting the shoes in and out and if you also want to carry a cell phone it won’t fit. Other than that I think this is an awesome product.

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Review of Dr. Scholl’s for Her Heel Smoother Tool

dr scholls rub reliefI don’t know about you but my heels are rough. The older you get the rougher they get and pretty soon it looks like you are shedding skin like an alligator. The Dr. Scholl’s Heel Smoother is a great way to smooth out and slough off dead skin to keep them smooth looking. It also comes with emery sheets to stick on the outside to use when you just need a little light smoothing.

The storage component of the Smoother is perfect to keep the dead skin until you are ready to clean it out. Use soap and water to keep it in tip top shape. Just don’t try to use it on your elbows 🙂

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Dr. Scholl’s for Her Rub Relief

dr scholls heel smootherHow many times have you worn shoes you just love but they rub on the back or the toe area? And what did you use to try to prevent a blister? A bandaid probably. I have even used masking tape when no bandaid was available, anything to stop the pain.

Now, Dr. Scholl’s has come up with yet another great product to solve that problem. It is called Dr. Scholl’s Rub Relief. It is padding that you pull and tear off like tape. Keep it in a drawer or purse if you are going to go out and you know the shoes you will be wearing will be rubbing and you want the padding in case you need it.

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Review of Do you suffer from Fabulitis?

Fab-u-l-tis is the discomfort caused by the decision to wear comfortable, but fabulous shoes. Take the Fabulitis Quiz to see if you could be a sufferer

A recent survey  from StrategyOne found that:

Fabulitis is rampant

– Almost one in three women (32%) suffer from Fabulitis at least once a week
– 60% of women love wearing high heels because it makes them feel attractive but when Fabulitis sets in they feel irritable and frustrated

Fabulitis ruins special occasions

–  The majority of women (61%) experience Fabulitis at special occasions

Women admit to doing the following when suffering from Fabulitis

– 58% have slipped off shoes under desk
– 56% have slipped off shoes under a dining table
– 50% carried a spare pair of shoe/flip flops in purse
– More than one third (35%) have walked home barefoot

Foot comfort and shoes affect how woman feel

– 81% of women feel good when their feet look good
– 94% of women feel good when their feet feel good

Disclosure: Dr. Scholl’s sent me products to checkout.  All comments and opinions are my own!

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