Review of Nic’s Sticks Nail Polish from Nicole by OPI (Video)

I recently received some Nic’s Sticks nail polish from Nicole by OPI and this is my review of it.

This nail polish is in a pencil-like tube that you can easily carry with you in your purse. The tube is plastic so you don’t really have to worry about it breaking open like glass and most of the tube is enclosed in the packaging. It measures about 5″ long and is only about 1/2 wide. You can see the color of the polish in the tube portion that extends out from edge of the packaging.

review of nics sticks by opi brushon nail polishThey made it simple to use. Just pump the tube in and out a couple of times to get the polish to flow and you will see it come out on the brush on the other end. I found that after using it for awhile I would only have to pump it once. You might want to keep a paper towel handy to brush off the excess if too much comes out. Then just brush it on your nail just like you would any nail polish. There is a ball inside of the tube to keep the nail polish fluid, just like you find in other nail polish bottles. The brush was a little fatter than other nail polish brushes but I found that if I didn’t put too much polish on the brush that it worked fine.

I found this pump-style nail polish from OPI to be a good alternative to standard nail polish and it is convenient to carry around with you. I think this product costs around $4.99 retail but since it was a gift I won’t really know. I did check out some comparable products from another brand and that is what they cost. I think that is a little high for nail polish but since this is a newer product it might come down if it becomes more popular.

Because the brush was a little fat and the price a little steep I give this a 4 on the rating chart.

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Disclaimer: I received this OPI nail polish free from the Getting Gorgeous event at the Reviewers Retreat. The opinions I expressed are my own and I was not influenced in any way to write them.

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