Review of the Hoover Elite Cordless Linx Stick Vacuum

This is a review of the Hoover Elite Cordless Linx Stick Vacuum. This was a personal purchase and no one sent this vacuum to me for review and I was not paid for my opinion.

We purchased our first Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Linx Stick Vacuum from Sears in 2009 and in January of 2011 we purchased a second unit because we loved the first one so much. Our first vacuum had a problem. A wire broke and while it was in the shop to be fixed we needed a vacuum and purchased the second vacuum. Since we purchased the first Hoover Elite Linx stick vac the price has gone down and it was cheaper to purchase it this time from The price is much cheaper than in a local store and shipping is free. It still ships from Hoover. Our original Hoover Linx vacuum purchase made at our local Sears cost us $189.99.

2015 Update: We love the Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum so much that almost 5 years later we are still using it. We also own the Dyson cordless vacuum and find that sometimes, the Hoover actually works better. It is now cheaper too at around $129.

Review of the Hoover Elite Cordless Linx Stick Vacuum

Our children are grown but we have cats, long hair cats at that, and keeping up with their hair is a nightmare. I don’t like dragging a vacuum around with a cord following behind me. Most vacuums are heavy, bulky, and have that long cord that gets tangled in everything. We tried a Dyson vacuum and while it is a great vacuum that cord was a real problem. We tried several cheap cordless stick vacuums and they don’t “suck” – well, they don’t suck what you need but they suck if you get my drift.

The cost of the Hoover Elite Linx stick vacuum was a bit high and I really didn’t want to pay that much but now you see it was worth it for us. This is an AWESOME vacuum and the only one I want to own from now on.

The Hoover Elit cordless vacuum is far superior to anything else we found on the market. It is made of solid construction and it feels like a real vacuum, not like a toy. It is easy to assemble right out of the box and only requires a Philips head screwdriver to screw in one screw on the neck.

It comes with a 18-volt Lithium Ion battery and battery charger. You need to charge the battery for 3 hours before using it. I found that the battery was partially charged so it only took around an hour before it was ready to use for the first time. The battery is also interchangeable with their Linx Hand Vac.

Review of the Hoover Elite Cordless Linx Stick Vacuum

There is a row of small bristles on the bottom side right near the edge which helps to grab the hair that ends up near the edge of the wall or furniture.

It has an indicator light on the handle that lets you know when you have it in the floor-mode or the carpet-mode. The switch rocks so you can easily rock it back and forth fast depending on what mode you need it to be in. When it is in the carpet-mode the bristles move down to be able to grab hair and dirt in rugs or the carpet.

And, the battery comes with a 2-year warranty. The entire vacuum unit comes with a 6 year warranty. You won’t find that on any other cordless stick vacuum on the market that I found.

There is a larger than normal (for a stick vac) bagless canister on the back of the vacuum that catches the dirt and hair. Most cordless stick vacuums have a duster-buster type unit on front that comes off if you want to use it separately. However, the canister on those is very tiny and will not hold much.

I couldn’t believe how much hair and dirt the Hoover Elite Linx picked up. When I went to clean out the canister it was stuffed full. When I was cleaning I could actually see the difference it was making. And, with all of the cat hair we have that is a definitely a plus.

As with all cordless stick vacuum this Hoover vacuum is very light-weight and easy to carry up and downstairs. I kept it upright and vacuum the stairs with it easily. I also use it directly on the couch and it pulls up the stuck-on cat hair – amazing!

I like the indicator light on the battery charger and on the backside of the charger it let’s you know what each light combination means – blinking 2 times finished charging, full light charging, etc. When you put the battery into the charger it will often blank fast. This means that the battery is hot and once it cools down it will blink at a slower rate until it is finished charging.

I like the indicator light on the handle that let’s me know if the battery needs to be charged. That way there is no guessing.

A really nice feature is the swivel of the handle. It kinds of reminds me of a Dyson ball because the whole top half of the unit swivels from left to right depending on what direction you are going. This helps you to get under furniture easily. It also almost lays flat which helps to get under tables.

Just like any cordless product the battery time is going to be based on how much an item needs to use it. If you don’t use the beater bars the battery will last much longer. If you use the beater bars continuously to pull up tough dirt and stuck on hair then it will drain the battery faster. I found that I use the bear bar almost constantly so I got about a 20 minutes of cleaning time out of a fully charged battery. But the upside is that it doesn’t take very long to recharge the battery and if you plan it right you can clean a 1,000 square foot house in those 20 minutes. Our upstairs is right around 960 square feet.

Yes, the Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Linx Stick Vacuum, costs a lot more than other cordless vacuums but for us, it will replace our regular vacuum and we won’t need anything else. It is well worth the price in my opinion for the quality, how much hair and dirt it picks up, how reliable I expect it to be, and the warranties it offers.

The Warranty is fantastic! Like I said, our first Hoover Elite Linx vacuum broke but we took it to the local dealer and it was completely covered. We picked it up and they had replaced a whole section completely free. No fee what so ever. Now we have two Hoover Elite Linx vacuums, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.


  • Great a picking up pet hair
  • powerful
  • lightweight
  • cordless
  • battery recharges fast
  • indicator lights remind you when the battery is getting low
  • great warranty


  • on the expensive side for a cordless vacuum
  • battery only lasts about 20 minutes

Well, I did this review in August of 2009 and it is now 3 months later. I wanted to give an update to let you know what I think now. I am thrilled! This vacuum is the best one I have ever bought. I never spent big money on a vacuum before and don’t a Dyson or some other high-end vacuum so this was quite an expense in my book.

It is thoroughly worth it. Although the battery only lasts 15 to 20 minutes fully charged I have come up with a vacuuming plan that enables me to vacuum my entire first floor and most of the stairs. I have to empty the canister once in those 15 minutes.

It really cleans and definitely gets that stubborn cat hair that clings to my rugs and couch. Yes, I use this vacuum on the couch because it is so lightweight I can easily pick it up high to even run it on the top of the couch.

Because all of the vacuums I have ever had were bulky, heavy, and you had to drag a cord around, I tended to ignore vacuuming until I absolutely had to do it. Sometimes I would put it off for 3 or 4 weeks. Now I vacuum once a week because this Hoover cordless vac has taken the chore out of cleaning.

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