Review of the Kiddie Catch-All

A Kiddie Catch-all is basically a clip-on pocket that you can put on your child’s car seat. The frame is made out of plastic and it has a mesh bag to hold things like bottles, sippy cups, small toys, teethers or pacifiers. If you didn’t want to clip it on the arm of the car seat you could always clip it over the back of the driver’s or passenger’s seat in the pocket on the back of the seat to store things. This wouldn’t be as convenient for kid’s to use but it is an option.

review of kiddie catch-all

The pocket allows your child to have a place to store the things they want to be able to grab easily without having to put them in the carseat. I thought it was a good idea and I also like the way it comes apart for cleaning of the mesh pocket.

Since I have always been a crafter and do-it-yourselfer, I like the way the whole unit comes apart because I would take some fun fabric and make my own fabric pocket. That way, if the mesh pocket got ripped I would know I could easily replace it. It is simple enough to make because it is basically a piece of fabric folded in half with each side sewn and then edged so it doesn’t fray.


The clamp keeps the mesh pocket secure so it won’t come out even if heavy items are put inside.

When you buy the Kiddie Catch-all you get 2 fo the price of one. You also get a bonus children’s music CD.

The Kidde Catch-all is available for purchase only at right now and the BOGO offer is for a limited time. They will be available for purchase in stores soon and the BOGO offer will not be available then.

Update: Now you can get a set of two for $12.95 for a limited time.

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  • useful for storing items like bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, toys, etc
  • comes apart for cleaning and to replace the mesh pocket, if necessary
  • affordable
  • bonus CD


  • the pocket could be slightly larger

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