Review of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Febreze

This is a review of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber. This was a personal purchase and no one sent it to me for review and I was not paid for my opinion.

review of mr clean magic eraser bath scrubber with febreze

Recently I purchased a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber 2-pack to test out. It seems a bit expensive at $2.78 (Commissary price) so I thought, this better be worth the money for what you get. I actually had a coupon, see below, so it did help me to reduce the cost a bit. If you were purchasing the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers at a regular grocery store the cost might be higher but then again, they might have them on sale too.

Wow! I was amazed. I couldn’t believe it! This thing actually works – really, for sure, it does, I’m not lying. I want someone to tell me how Mr. Clean put magic in a product that erases dirt because I just don’t get it. There are no suds or smell, except for the Febreze scent in it, and it actually works. No kidding.

While the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser “Bath Scrubber” version is actually product for the bathroom I used it all over the place, bathroom, kitchen (away from food) and office.

I have the world’s most awful kitchen sink – circa 1950 – and the only thing I can use on it is bleach to get it clean. It is old and has an enamel finish. I’m still waiting for someone to drop a big bucket of money on my head so I can replace it but until then I will have to clean it. I use the Mr. Clean Magic eraser on it and was stunned. It actually cleaned this old sink. Because the enamel is worn it tends to turn yellow fast so I have to clean it a lot and that strong bleach smell is awful. Another thing I liked about the Mr. Clean Magic eraser was the fact that it has a nice scent. They put Febreze in it and even after about 3 hours I could still smell it in the air.

I then moved on to try it on my desk in the office. While it worked just as well I don’t suggest it for surfaces like a desk. Mine is not made out of wood. It is more like a formica I guess but it left a residue on the surface that is still there.

Next I tried it on my hardwood floor. Our house is about 50 years old and so are the floors. They have been dark for as long as I can remember. We never had the money to refinish them so I just dealt with the darkness. Well, low and behold, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaned them like they were new.

You need to read the box too because they suggest you don’t use it for certain surfaces and never around food so that means not on pots and pans or dishes.

I also used it where it is supposed to be used, in the bathroom and was once again impressed. It cleaned the brass on the sink stopper to a brilliant shine and once again, no suds and no mess.

Another thing I like is the fact that it doesn’t have suds. You’d think for a cleaning product to work you would need tons and tons of suds but it just isn’t true. This little puppy works fine without few, yes there are a few, suds so I don’t end up with a mess all over my counter or hands and have to wash it all over again or dry everything off.

I do have to say that they don’t last long. I could clean the sink probably 2 or 3 times max and then the Eraser was history. I could clean a 2 square foot area on the hardwood floor but then again it was completely dark and I scrubbed it a lot to get the 50+ years of grime off.

I would suggest you use these Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for those hard-to-clean spots on the floors, walls, and counters and not for everyday use because of how long they last and because of the cost.

I am totally pleased with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Febreze. Like I said, it is a bit pricey but I will be keeping them in the cabinet for those stains and spots that ordinary cleaners will not clean.


  • Works very well
  • Pleasant scent


  • Pricey
  • Only lasts 2 or 3 uses


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  1. jessica marinaccio says:

    I love these – they work awesome in the tub/shower and to clean up marks on the walls – scuffs on the floor

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