Rise of The Planet of the Apes Movie Review (Trailer)

The Rise of The Planet of the Apes movie is the story of a scientist named Will Rodman (James Franco) who invents a serum as a possible cure for Alzheimer but instead it ends up making apes more human in the end. The movie has a good story line and keeps you guessing all of the way through. The ape character, Caesar, comes on the scene as a baby born to a chimpanzee (Bright Eyes) that was being used in tests for the drugs but got killed because she freaked out.

Will Rodman works at a huge pharmaceutical company whose goal is to make money, while his passion for inventing the drug is to save his father (Charles played by John Lithgow) has the dreaded Alzheimer disease.

When the drug failed to produce the right results and Bright Eyes gets killed, Will decides to sneak the drug out of the lab and test it on his father because he know it has potential. Charles recovers completely but eventually his body becomes immune to it and he lapses back into his original state, and at once point goes out the house and gets into the neighbor’s car and wrecks it. The furious neighbor comes out and confronts him, all the while Caesar is watching in the attic. Trying to protect Charles, Caesar (now fully grown) finds a way to get out of the house and takes down the neighbor. This gets him imprisoned in a local monkey/ape sanctuary.

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When he finds out that Will isn’t coming back for him, he tests his will with the other apes and using his brain he figures out how to dominate them and become their leader. You see, since his mother Bright Eyes had been given the serum, he was born with it in his genes and as he gets older he becomes smart and can figure and decipher like a human.

The excitement really comes towards the end of the movie when Caesar rallies his fellow apes to take over the sanctuary and break out. A chase ensues and the authorities lose in the end. At the end of the movie Caesar utters his first words and now we see the transition of apes taking over the world.

There are a few references in the movies to the original Charlton Heston “Plant of the Apes” movie like “get your paws off me you filthy ape”.

rise of the planet of the apes movie review

As I said, the story line and action were really good in this movie and the CG is amazing. What I didn’t really like was how staged a lot of it seemed. The CG graphics were amazing and most of the time you could see how real they made the ape characters. In this age of technology they couldn’t have a movie like this and put a person in an ape suit so you expect them to use this kind of technology. The staging came when they would do scenes in the neighborhood or the ape/police take-down scene on the bridge. It looked like they were on a set. But, the story and action were good enough to make you shrug that off.

Either way, it was still a good movie and I enjoyed it a lot. It isn’t a must-see movie but I wasn’t disappointed and you don’t be either. They left it hanging at the very end so I do expect to see a sequel at some point.

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