Secure Check-ins are Possible with the Moby App

You may know a lot of people online, acquaintances I’d guess you would say they are because most of them you have never met probably. If you use an app to check-in all of those friends or fans will see it but that might not always be a good idea. If you want to stay connected and also keep your privacy try the Moby app.

Moby allows you to share your location with family and friends in a private way. This is great when you want to keep track of your husband, wife, or kids. If your kids have a Smartphone, use Moby to have your kids share their location when they arrive at a friends house, the mall, or at school. Moby uses the built-in GPS feature on your Smartphone to find their location and this helps you know where they are.

Note: The screenshots are from the iPhone. The app will look slightly different on other Smartphones.

On the map screen you can see who has checked in and who hasn’t. The buttons at the top of the screen are easy to read and understand too.

moby app review

Just tap the button on the top to check-in. You can also send a personalized message that will get sent to them by SMS text to go along with your check-in.

moby app review

When someone checks in this is what the screen looks like. You see their picture, location, time they checked in and any messages. You can call or text them right from this screen toon.

moby app review

If your kids or aren’t checking in with you there is a feature that allows you to request a check-in from them. The app will start up on their phone and they will see the request on the screen. If they respond their icon will turn green. You can also use the Moby app to call for help from a select group of people you choose. Just tap the button on the top right.

You can also see who has their location turned off and then can call or text them to ask why. Teenagers like to be anonymous a lot so this is helpful.

moby app review

Moby isn’t just for families though. You can use it to connect with just about anyone and it makes it safer to be alone and provides you with peace of mind knowing someone else is on the other end and you can get to them quickly.

Review all of your Notifications on one screen.

moby app review

The Moby App is Free. Download the Moby App by Contigo for iPhone or the iPad through the App store on your device, iTunes or from the Moby website. Moby is also available for the Blackberry and coming soon for the Android (as of July 28, 2011)

moby iphone app review

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