Simplify Holiday Shopping and Save Money with ShopSanity

Holiday season is upon us already and that means it is time to get organized and find ways to save money!

If you shop online at all, you should sign up for a free service called

It is a perfect tool for these four reasons:

1) When you start holiday shopping you always worry that the item will go on sale, now you can make the purchase and get price adjustment notices from ShopSanity. These alerts will let you know when a purchase that you have made goes on sale so you can contact the retailer about getting cash back.

2) You don’t have to dig through your emails for receipts – all your purchases can be found in one location so its easy to see when a package will arrive, lookup details about any purchase, or print a receipt for a return.

3) The sign up could not be easier, its only 2 clicks – perfect for a busy mom’s schedule.

4) It’s FREE!

holiday shopping simplified

Save money with ShopSanity’s price adjustments from major retailers such as WalMart, Gap, Home Depot, Disney, Macys and more. ShopSanity will notify you if any of your purchases go on sale so you can contact the retailer and get cash back!

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