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@Curtains4Sleep Sound Asleep Chenille curtains are designed to help darken rooms but I also found another reason to use them, to keep out drafts. Our windows were replaced 3 years before we bought our house but that was 25 years ago and while they look like they are in perfect condition at first glance, they are very drafty. The weather stripping inside of the windows is deteriorating and it requires replacing the entire window so until we come up with $25,000 to replace them we have to live with the drafts. And here in New England drafts can be a nightmare on wicked cold New England nights – and yes, we call it wicked because if live through our winters and you would too 🙂

Sound Asleep curtains have a ThermaBack Coating so they aren’t just regular curtains that are made out of chenille fabric. That extra backing gives them an added layer to make them keep shape when hanging on the window and helps keep out light and air. We don’t have many rooms in our house that need to be darkened, except maybe our bedroom, but every room in the house has drafty windows, especially my office.

sound asleep curtains ThermaBack Coating

If you have never used tabbed valances or curtains, this is what they look like from the back view.

sound asleep curtains tabbed

I did notice that when I put them on one of the bedroom windows, even without using the side panels it was darker in the room. The top valance measures 18″ high so they are a little longer than the ones that I had on them so that is probably why they are also making it darker. I think they look great and actually give the room a polished look.

In the living room we used the ascot valance that has the arched design and tassels on the end. We also used the long side panels because these window are quite larger. We purchased the 84″ panel and it goes from ceiling to floor. This large window measures about 108″ wide so it took 4 of the valance pieces.

sounda asleep curtains living room

We also use the same setup in the dining room except they are shorter – 63″ long. I put sheer curtains under them and plan on leaving them as-is and not pull them open or closed. I like the added feature of using the sheer curtain because the leaves in the pattern pick up the pattern in the rug.

Sound Asleep curtains in a dining room setting, Light Thyme

sound asleep curtains dining room

They come in lots of great colors. We used Light Thyme in the dining room and living room to match the rugs and since those two rooms adjoin if gives the decor a cohesive look. We used the long tabbed panels (63″ in the dining room and 84″ long in the living room) and then the ascot valances on top. I like the look of the ascot valances because they come to a point in the center and have a tassel to make them fancier. If you don’t like the tassels though, you can easily remove them because they are held on with a button and loop. If you find you want even fancier tassels just buy them and hook them on the button that is sewn into the pointed edge of the ascot panel.

Sound Asleep curtains, how to remove the tassel

The tassel is actually green like the curtains but my picture makes it look gray.

The fabric these curtains are made of is a textured Chenille with a sort of look and feel like corduroy. They’re not flimsy at all, and absolutely darken any room if you need them to do that. The top valance won’t darken them that much. You would really need the tabbed side panels that you would pull closed to make the room dark.

We had to buy a couple of new curtain rods for our new Sound Asleep curtains for the living room and dining room.  I suggest you get a dual curtain rod that has the one bracket attached. It is cheaper and makes it easier to install.

Note: If you buy the dual rod it will require that you fold back the long panel curtains to make them fit better under the valances. If you want to make sure the tabbed look is straight and not folder down then you will need 2 single rods so you can space them out better.

You may purchase Sound Asleep Curtains on Amazon:

The Official Curtain of the National Sleep Foundation

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Sound Asleep room darkening curtains come in the following colors:

  • Light Thyme – seen in our pictures
  • Blue River – like a Williamsburg blue
  • Chocolate
  • Grey
  • Mushroom
  • Ivory
  • Black
  • Aubergine
  • Cafe – tan
  • Sangria – burgundy

sound asleep curtain colors

The only problem we had with the Sound Asleep curtains is that they are a bear to iron and get the wrinkles out. We washed them, hoping that would do the trick, but to no avail. On the tag it says you can iron them on a light setting. Well, I had to use the highest setting, steam, and spray them with water. I believe it is because the fabric is so heavy. Using the high heat setting did not cause any damage to the ThermaBack Coating so that is good. If you just wash them on a spin cycle without laundry detergent and then iron them while they are damp you probably will have better success.

Most curtains will require ironing and you only have to do it once so it really isn’t that bad.

Disclaimer: Sound Asleep sent us curtains to review and we purchased the rest along with the curtain rods to finish the rest of the room because we were so impressed with them. This article is our opinion and we were not swayed or paid (hey, that rhymes) to write our opinion.

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