The Joy Factory’s iPad/iPhone Rapid Car Charger Review

In addition to the Arpeggio iPad Bluetooth wireless keyboard from “The Joy Factory” that we received for review, we also got the PowerBullet-X car charger.  It is a “low-profile 10W (2.1A) Rapid USB Car Charger with Automatic Surge Protection for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and other tablets and smartphones.”

PowerBullet-X Low-Profile iPad iPhone Car Charger review

The PowerBullet-X car charger is a low profile device that can stay in your car’s 12V power outlet or cigarette lighter socket without getting in the way of closing your ashtray cover or sticking way out from the 12V outlet.  Excerpts from the The Joy Factory website state the following about the PowerBullet-X:

  • 10W (2.1A) power for fast device charging.
  • Low-profile design—stays in your cigarette socket.
  • Won’t block access to ashtray lid or console controls.
  • Automatic Intellifuse™ surge protection keeps your devices safe.
  • Auto resume feature keeps charging stable..
  • Works with any USB cable, and makes any USB cable car-charger ready.
  • Illuminated power indicator makes it easier to plug in your device at night.

The three things we liked about the charger were:

  1. The extremely low profile.  We put it in the 12V power outlet on the console of our car and the charger was hardly noticeable.  It was almost flush with the top of the console, unlike many of the other car chargers that stick way up from the console.
  2. The automatic Intellifuse™ surge protection and resume feature which regulates the current traveling to your device, so there’s no risk and no disruption in charging.
  3. The illuminated power indicator made it easier to see the plug at night and attach the cable.

PowerBullet-X Low-Profile iPad iPhone rapid Car Charger review

While we were returning from our weekend trip, we conducted a quick test between the PowerBullet-X car charger and another after-market car charged to see which one would actually charged our iPad2 faster.  Based on the results of this quick test, the PowerBullet-X charged our iPad2 slightly faster than the other car charger.

Our iPad Car Charger Test Results:

With Standard Charger:

3:24 pm: iPad at 87%
3:39 pm: iPad at 90%

With PowerBullet-X Charger:

3:40 pm: 90%
3:54: 93%

While the PowerBullet-X charger isn’t as rapid as I would have liked, it did beat the standard charger by 1% in a 3 minute test. If we were charging the iPad when the battery was completely depleted the 1% savings in time would definitely add up.

The PowerBullet-X his available on for less than $14.  According to their website, in addition to the charger, it should come with a 3 ft USB to 30 pin cable but ours did not.

In summary, the PowerBullet-X car charger worked as stated.  The quality was good and worth the cost if you want to make sure to protect your Smartphone or tablet against power surges of your vehicle.  The low profile makes it hardly noticeable and does not take up space when installed. Having the USB port illuminated with the blue light is a definite plus.

Disclosure: We received The Joy Factory PowerBullet-X car charger to test and we gave our honest opinion in this post.

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