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This week’s #Print4BlogHer @TheUPSstore Blogger Ambassador program lesson is all about custom printing services offered by The UPS Store. Read last week’s lesson how to prepare your business cards and media kit to get ready to attend a conference.

Once you have designed the materials you want to take with you to a conference and checked them thoroughly to make sure they have all of the vital information them and have no spelling mistakes, it’s time to get everything printed.

custom print services from the ups store

Did you know that you can use the UPS store to have them printed and shipped to any UPS store in the country? You can send your finished business card file to your local store in Connecticut and have finished business cards delivered to the UPS store in California. They can easily do this because they are a full integrated network of stores.

custom print services from the ups store

Using Custom Print Services Offered by The UPS Store

I have been in the dark as to what The UPS Store actually offered so this week I learned a lot about their services. I thought they only offered packing and shipping services and boy was I wrong. When I went into my local UPS store yesterday I found out that they offer a whole lot more and actually, they are a one stop shop for everything you need for your business. Let me explain why.

Custom Printing Services

First, each UPS store is a franchise. That means that local people own them and they take pride in running the store because it is their own. When I visited my local store the person helping me was super helpful. He never missed a beat when customers came in. I watched as he packed up things one customer brought in, weighed, and checked her out while still talking to me about the store.

The UPS Store offers custom printing services meaning you can design your own business cards, flyers, media kit, and anything else you can think of and they can professionally print them. If you already have the document ready to go you can use and upload your file directly to your local UPS store.

While I was in my local UPS store a customer came in and wanted to send his file to the UPS email account for that store. He jumped on his Smartphone (see below), sent the file and within minutes the custom printing was ready. It still amazes me to see technology in use like this. We have come a long way from just having the telephone to communicate.

custom print services from the ups store

If you don’t have your document ready and don’t know how to create it and don’t have someone you know who can help, the UPS store can also design your document, business card, or flyer too.

The first thing you will want to do is contact your local UPS store. Since they do custom work the prices will vary so you won’t find a price list on the UPS store website. I decided to have custom business cards made and I was surprised at how reasonable they were. I had thought it was going to be too expensive and I couldn’t have it done but after taking to the man at the store I found that 100 color, single-sided business cards were only around $11.25 and 500 would only be around $44.00. Black and white business cards were even cheaper at $8.25 for 100 and $29.00 for 500. At my local UPS store there is a $2.95 setup fee to make your file compatible with their system. Double-sided and folded business cards will definitely cost more and each store will vary in price so you  must call them first to find out what it will cost at your local store.

packing supplies at the ups store

Mailboxes, Shipping, Notary, Mail

Not only does the UPS store offer custom print services, they offer notary services, checking deposits for USAA accounts, custom packing, and other office services like cutting, folding, and binding. They can print up to size 12″ x 17″ using their high powered printing equipment.

mailbox rentals at the ups store

Did you know that you can have all of your mail come to you local UPS store? Maybe you live in an apartment, with a friend, or are living out of a hotel room because you are on the road working for a client and don’t have a permanent, physical address. When you rent a mailbox at the UPS store it gives you a physical address because they use the local store’s address. They can accept USPS post office mail, Fedex and UPS – envelopes and packages. They offer mailboxes in 3 different sizes and prices from standard to big business and you can pay for 6 months up to a year at a time.

custom packing and shipping materials at the ups store

Don’t have packing boxes or packing materials? No problem. Go into your local UPS store and you can buy the packing materials, boxes, and even decorative envelopes. And, you can just bring in what you want to ship and they can pack it for you and even make a custom box if needed.

All of the UPS store services work to make your busy life easier because like I said, it’s a one-stop shop.

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