Trends We Will be Watching For at CES 2012

CES is coming in January of 2012 and will be held in Las Vegas and yes, we will be there. What is CES you say? CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and it is a convention of mega portions, hosting over 150,000 people. This will be our first year attending CES and I am sure we will be overwhelmed and I will be saying “SWEET” and “WOW” and “Oh look that that thing” and “what the heck?” a lot – yes, that is how I talk.

Oh course, we go from the perspective of the “average person” and not tech gurus. We are just plain ole’ peeps who love technology. So, I am sure you could scour the web and find lots of tech sites who already know what is going to be hot in 2012 and many, from what I read, even hate going to CES because it is so big and many of the items don’t pan out in the long run. Whatever, I say! I’m there for the coolness of it all and to see those things that make my SWEET list!

Since we won’t know what the trends in electronics and computers really will be for 2012 until we go to CES, here is what I think we will see more of in the coming year. We will write a follow-up post to see if what we see matches what we think now and what new things we discover once we get there.

Thinner Laptops

I heard that brands are going to come out with a super thin laptops to compete with the Mac Airbook. It seems that if Windows-base computer companies want to keep up with the loyal fan-base that Apple has and continues to grow, they will need to do something to compete. And, the public wants laptops that are lighter. After reading The Verge article I guess 30 to 50 new “Ultrabooks” at CES. Other than being thinner and lighter, I will have to figure out what makes them so great, unless they are ultra cheap too.

Touchscreen All-In-One PCs

You see these Touchscreen All-In-One PCs at stores already from companies like Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Sony and I think it is just the start of a new trend. These all-in-one computers were tried in the market before and failed but I think it is all about timing. The public wanted touchscreen technology – if Star Trek could do it then it must be possible and we knew it would come – but until Smartphones were the norm the public at large just wasn’t ready for touchscreen computers. And, those of us who had to work on the all-in-one computers didn’t like them because they were propriety, meaning, you couldn’t just stick any ole’ hard drive or video card in to fix it. It meant almost replacing the whole insides to fix one piece. I haven’t even looked at one up close yet but I bet they have come a long way since the first trial run years ago and I think they are here to stay. I can’t wait to see what will be available in these all-in-one computers at CES.

More Tablet Devices

If we don’t have enough I bet 2012 brings even more tablet devices. Apple set the precedent for tablets and just like the all-in-one touchscreen computers, when they launched a tablet years ago the public wasn’t ready and it too failed. When Apple launched the iPad the public was ready. Today the public has embraced touchscreens and with free Wi-Fi available country-wide in so many places tablets are great to take with you when a laptop is too cumbersome. Brands are falling all over themselves to improve on the tablet that Apple came out with and add new features their competition doesn’t have so to me, it would be natural that even better devices will come out this year.

More Vehicle Devices

We are seeing a trend for more gadgets and Internet connectivity within vehicles. An example is the Head-up navigation Display seen in the BMW 750 Li, Active Park Assist in the Ford Focus, and the hands-free power liftgate in the 2013 Ford Escape I think we will see even more in 2012.

Wireless Devices

It is just natural that more wireless devices will be coming out in 2012. The coolest thing I saw recently was the HP Envy 114 All-in-One printer. This full-featured printer is wireless and can fit into a suitcase. It also prints at speeds up to 30 ppm in black, up to 25 ppm in color. Of course, print speed also has to do with how fast your home network runs too. You might not need your printer to travel with you but think how nice it would be in your home with multiple people sharing it. This is not new technology but most wireless printers tend to be slow. I think the trend will be faster wireless printing. I also think more devices will be wireless in 2012 but it remains to be seen yet

We are excited to go to CES and see what cool, new, and SWEET gadgets and electronics will be unveiled to us in person. We will report back and might even have a few things to give to our readers so stay tuned.

We are mainly interested in technology, computers and gadgets, so we won’t really be reporting on trends in health, medicine, sports, etc.

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