How to Use an Apple TV with Netflix

Disclaimer: This review of the AppleTV is from a personal purchase and we were not compensated in anyway for our opinion.

review of the apple tv

We have only had the AppleTV for about 2 weeks now and have used it everyday. Let me just say that we have been missing out.

We are big Netflix Fans in our house. We have had a subscription for a few years now and take full advantage of it.

We hooked the Apple TV up to an HDTV in our family room and the kids have a watched a movie almost every night. Before getting the Apple TV we waited for the movies to arrive in the mail, which is only 2 days, but you still are waiting. We also watched movies online with our computer at the computer desk which is as uncomfortable as it sounds.

using apple tv with netflix review

Now with the Apple TV we can watch show immediately in the comfort of our couch in our living room.

I was also impressed with how easy it was to install and setup. It took just a few minutes and we were ready to rock and roll. It came with everything it needed except from the HDMI Cable, which we already had for the HDTV so we were set.

The on screen functionality is amazing! You can easily maneuver through all the movie and show selections and it even carries your Netflix profile over because you log right into your Netflix Account through the Apple TV.

Not only can you access Netflix, but you can also use iTunes and watch YouTube videos right through the Apple TV as well! My five year old liked the YouTube option because he enjoys watching the little mini Lego guy videos that people make and put on YouTube.

If you are interested in learning more about the Apple TV you can take a look at the Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) available for around $99.00 at I think it is well worth the money and it makes using Netflix much more convenient. Of course, you can get all of the movies you want through Apple TV and Netflix only the ones available for instant viewing. You will still need to order movies to come through the mail if you want movies and series that are not available instantly.

You can check Netflix out for yourself with a 1 month FREE trial right now as well!


  • Easy to setup
  • Menu option easy to understand
  • Affordable
  • No more waiting for movies to arrive in the mail


  • Just that Netflix doesn’t offer all movies for instant viewing but no cons for the Apple TV itself

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  1. Brandy Bates says:

    We love Netflix. We use our PS3 in one room and the Xbox 360 in another room for our instant streaming. Thanks to Netflix, We no longer have cable TV and that is a saving of $100 a month.

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