Zero Scales Records Your Weight Loss or Gain

After the holidays everyone will be looking to the new year to get in shape and lose weight. We received the Zero Scales to test out and you will want to know what it so different about them. The Zero Scales will help you keep track of your weight loss and weight gain.

We found the Zero Scales to be sleek and modern. It has a clear glass top and metal back. The Zero Scales can weight up to 397 lbs or 180 kgs and also comes with a 10-year warranty. The LCD display is clear and measures 1.3″. The whole unit measures 12.5″ x 12.5″.

zero scales review

What’s in the Box:

  • The Zero Scales
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Pedometer
  • Instructions booklets

How to use the Zero Scales:

zero scales review

First, make sure you have selected pounds or kilograms using the button on the back.

Up to four people can record their weight loss and weight gain on the Zero Scales. This is indicated by the person icons on the front.

zero scales review

Place the Zero Scales on the floor. Then press where it reads, TAP HERE (bottom right on the unit), to light up one of the icons. You can actually use your foot to tap it so that is quite convenient. Wait until it shows ZERO on the scales and then get on the scales. It will record your weight and hide it by indicating – – – – on the readout.

Now, as you exercise and lose weight it will show you how much you gained or lost the next time you get on the scales and select that particular icon.

Note: If you get an ERR message on the screen, make sure you wait for the scales to calibrate and then showing the 0.0 indicator before stepping on it each time.

zero scales review

Want to see exactly how much you weigh?

The Zero Scales has that covered too. Just press the TAP HERE button and keep pressing until it selects the person icon with the star (asterisk) in the center. Now you can use the Zero Scales just like any other scales. This can also be used for a visitor in your house that just wants to see how much they weigh.

zero scales review

Zero Scales also comes with a nifty Pedometer as well. Simply clip onto your belt, or put in your pocket, to give you a readout of how many steps you’re actually taking during your day. It can also tell you how many calories you’ve burned based on your number of steps throughout the day.

Our 25-year-old son who is lives to be fit and follows the “Cave Man Diet” said they are “gnarly scales” so I guess that means they are “man approved” 🙂

I really like the sleek design. They are very nice quality scales. The fact that you can actually see how much you lost or gained is super helpful because most of the time you can’t remember from day to day how much you weighed. Today when I stepped on the Zero Scales I had gained 0.6 lbs but that is okay because I know I fluctuate a lb or 2 everyday.

The Zero Scales is available for purchase online at

Disclosure: We received the Zero Scales to test and review through the Family Review Network and I gave my honest opinion about them.

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