2020 Connecticut Earth Day Events, Freebies & Free Printables

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Earth Day is a day that helps us remember to give back to our planet, plant a tree, use reusable shopping bags, use water bottles or better yet a water filter and refill one bottle with tap water, buy toilet paper without the cardboard roll inside (saves like 8 million lbs of paper a year), or print less and use your Smartphone more by scanning coupons or use apps.

Earth Day Freebies

Earth Day Freebies

Check back closer to Earth Day for more freebies.

Free pocket ashtrays from Natural American Spirit while supplies last! These pocket ashtrays are made from recycled materials. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Free Earth Day Printables

Free Earth Day Printables

Connecticut Earth Day Events and Freebies

Local Connecticut Earth Day Events

Note: These events will most likely be cancelled or postponed because of the Coronavirus. Please check each website for details.

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 16, 2020

Check back closer to Earth Day for fun events and freebies.

Beardley’s Zoo Earth Day Events

Join us on April 18 and 19 as we celebrate Party for the Planet and Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary! The Beardsley Zoo annual Earth Day celebration features interpretive talks about many of the Zoo’s conservation initiatives, and how you can get involved with many Citizen Scientist programs throughout the state. Stay tuned for more information regarding vendors and a schedule of events.

CT Audubon Society Events

At the CT Audubon Society, we will be challenging members of the public to come and take action against climate change! Led by Teacher-Naturalist Jessica LaPolt, we will be conducting a trail trash clean-up, engage in Citizen Science activities by taking water quality samples from around Earle Park, and learn how to be more ‘Green’ in our local communities.

The CT Audubon Society will be offering composting discussions, providing information on how to lower your carbon footprint, will examine the efforts of our Glastonbury center, and have some kid-friendly arts and crafts available! With your help, we can spread conservation awareness and practice taking action against climate change together!

$5 per person, $20 max for family of 4 or more. Please click here to register.