Free PAAS Easter Egg Decorating App

PAAS has developed a Free Easter Egg Decorator app for your iPad to let your kids create virtual Easter Eggs for sharing. You can use it along with the PAAS® Easter Egg Dying Kits and it will give you inspiration for dying your own Easter Eggs at home. Make sure you don’t forget to buy Heinz Vinegar because you will need that when dying your Easter eggs.


The app takes seconds to download on your iPad

and is easy to use. You can download the app online or through the App store on your iPad. If you don’t own an ipad you can also use it through the website,, on your tablet or computer. The website or iPad app will let your kids design their eggs for sharing or to help them figure out what they want them to look like before you get into the actual egg dying process.

How to Use the PAAS Easer Egg Decorating App

Visit the website or open the app and click Decorate and Egg. Pick the color tablet and watch as the video shows you how you actually dye the egg. This is helpful for kids because they can see what they will be doing if they are dyeing eggs at home with the PAAS color tablets.

how to dye easter eggs

Next, decorate your egg with virtual Glitter, paint, chalk, and stickers

how to decorate easter eggs

paas egg decorating