Review of the Jiasew CS-1 Handheld Electric Rotary Cutter

I purchased the Jiasew Model CS 1-1 Electric Rotary Cutter in 2010 to use in our business. This item was a personal purchase and not given by any company and we were not compensated in anyway for this review.

If you are a quilter or something who owns a business that requires a lot of fabric cutting you will want to get yourself one of these. If you have to stack up fabric to cut a lot of the same item all at once it is a great time-saver and would also be great for thick upholstery fabric.

We purchased the Jiasew Handheld Electric Rotary Cutter from All Brands. At the time it cost us around $70.

review of the jiasew handheld electric rotary cutter

The Jiasew comes with a super long cord attached which makes it great when working. When I work with the rotary cutter I plug in an extension cord though because my outlet is across the room from my work table.

To use the Jiasew handheld electric rotary cutter you just stack up your fabric, draw a line where you want to cut (I use a fabric pen), and then place the foot under the fabric, making sure the blade is on top, and then press the lever on the bottom and away it goes. You do not need a rotary mat because of the foot, which acts as a guide. You will see a rotary mat in my video because that is what I have on my work table and I just left it there.

The Jiasew is quite heavy weighing around 5 lbs. It comes with a 2″ hexagonal cutting blade and built-in blade sharpener. The hexagon blade is good for every use on a variety of fabrics. You can also get a round blade for use on thin or delicate fabrics. The blade is removable when you want to clean the dust out of the cutter.

Review of the Jiasew CS-1 Handheld Electric Rotary Cutter

The video shows the Jiasew electric handheld rotary cutter cutting through about 25 layers of cotton fabric. It cuts through the fabric lickey-split like a hot knife going through butter.

Warning: you can cut your finger off with this or any electric rotary cutter so you will want to be very careful using it and be aware of the blade at all times. Always unplug it and store it high on a shelf or in a box where children cannot get to it.

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