Margaritas and Manicures Party Testimonials and Photos

Yesterday we hosted a “Margaritas and Manicures” Party and featured a lot of great products. Guests got to try out SensatioNail gel nail polish and use the special SensatioNail LED lamp. Some guests just did regular manicures and used L’Oreal Colour Riche nail polish. We had lots of great food, some local Connecticut beer, and fabulous Strawberry or Lime Margaritas. It was a smashing party and everyone went home happy.

Take a look at some of the photos from the party and then read what some of our guests thought about the products they tried.


Our Margaritas were made with Master of Mixes bottled mixes. We had both lime and Strawberry Margaritas. I thought the lime would be a hit but I was wrong. There were more Strawberry Margaritas made than anything else. I know they tasted even better because they were in fancy pink glasses.

Sarah Maseto

A local Mexican restaurant, Jalapeno Heaven in Branford Connecticut, donated the homemade Tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, potato poppers, popper bites, and mini-chimichangas. It was the perfect compliment to our Margaritas. We made them on the rocks and also frozen. Master of Mixes is my favorite Margarita mix so I just had to make sure we had them on hand.

Margaritas and Mexican Food

Strawberry Margaritas

We sampled Partida Tequila in some of our Tequilas. It gives them a smooth taste because it is aged in American oak one-pass Jack Daniels barrels for intense flavor. Sarah from Adventures With My Boys, brought a local Connecticut Beer for us to sample from Two Roads Brewing.

Beer Tequila and Margaritas

One of our Blogger guests, Nicole Oh Um from OberBargain, made up the Virgin Margaritas for those who wanted a non-alcoholic Margarita and for herself since she’s pregnant.

Several of our guests already had gel nails from a local salon. Since it was almost time for them to go back to the salon and have them redone, they decided to take them off at our party and try the SensatioNail gel polish. One tip they gave us to dip your nails in pure Acetone (available at Sally Beauty and Walmart) and then use pieces of aluminum foil and wrap them around your nails. This makes removing them much easier. Good thing I had a lot of Reynolds Wrap on hand.

Get Nail Removal

My friend Joann is ready for her manicure. Look Ma, no polish. Hook me up!

Joann needs a manicure

L’Oreal sent us some of their 2013 Spring Colour Riche nail polish colors to try out. Everyone was eeewwwing and aaahhhing over the corals and blues.

L'Oreal Spring Nail Polish Colors

Nicole said: Great color selection! Love After Hours and L’Orange makes me want to go on vacation!

Hilary said: Really beautiful, vibrant colors that are making me excited for SPRING!!

Bonnie said: Love the wide array of colors! My favorites were #360 Great Expectations and #300 Walk on the Beach, both for everyday. For a pop of color for a special event, #110 Crazy for Chic.

One of our guests, Liz, created her own nail art with a L’Oreal Coral shade. She used the polish like normal and then took a toothpick to create designs with a darker shade of polish. It looks so good and you would swear it was a sticker or professional done.

Liz said: I love the pastel colors. The colors are bright and happy. My favorite color is Orange You Jealous?

L'Oreal Nail Polish Nail art Ideas

Hilary from My Own Blog Review said: I am always looking for nail products that won’t chip so I’m happy that I found SensatioNail! Check our her review of SensatioNail

Susie said: Very first time with gel nails. I didn’t realize all the steps. Saved a bundle doing it at a home. Great look – this it’s wet but not!


Here’s the SensatioNail LED Lamp hard at work. Why are there so many Margaritas in the background – lol

SensatioNail LED Lamp

One of our youngest guests loved the SensatioNail gel manicure I gave her.


Shelley’s nail were the best SensatioNail Gel Manicure of the party.

If you are using the SensatioNail Gel Nail kit to do your nails you will need buy LED lamp because the polish will not set without it. You get everything you need in the Starter kit to do 10 sets of gel nails. The starter kit cots $60 but that breaks down to be around $6.00 a manicure, much cheaper than the $25 to $35 it costs to have them done each time at the salon.

One tip we found that works great as a SensatioNail Gel Cleanser Alternative, is just to use regular Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol). The Gel Cleanser, which can only be purchased in the SensatioNail Essential Kit, is mainly rubbing alcohol with some added skin conditioning additives. It is not absolutely necessary to use this cleanser at home as common 70%-100% Isopropyl Acohol will work just fine.

The Gel Cleanser is used at the beginning of the manicure to prep your nails and to ensure the nail is free from oil and disinfected. The second time you use it is at the end to remove the tacky dispersion layer of the Gelish polish. Make sure you use lint-free pads throughout the whole process or you will get tiny pieces of lint on your polish that is hard to remove. You can buy a bag of the Premium Makeup Remove pads for around $3.59 for a 200-count bag at CVS.

SensatioNail Gel Polish Example

Want to read more about our party? Check out Bonnie’s follow-up review on her blog, Home Place Blogger.

Want to have your product featured at one of our upcoming home parties? Contact Wendy

Disclosure: L’Oreal provided all of the nail polish used at our party. The other products were purchased by Sweeties Reviews. Some food was donated by Jalapeno Heaven. All opinions are those of our guests and ourselves.