Review of DeWalt 18-Volt Cordless Power Tools

We recently purchased the DeWalt 18-v cordless 4-pc power tool set at Lowes and this is our review. These tools make a perfect Father’s Day gift but even if there isn’t a holiday coming up you will want to consider this set. By buying the set it will save you money and you will be pleased at what you get.

When your kids grow up and move away they take things with them and if they are boys they take all of your tools. So, we were left with no power tools but that was okay because it gave us a reason to buy cordless power tools. We weren’t sure what we wanted but once we found this set we were immediately sold on it.

We chose DeWalt tools over all of the other power tools in the store because we know they are preferred by contractors. We even got some advice from other customers in the store who have used DeWalt tools.

We purchased this tool kit for general use around the house. If you are a contractor or professional this review may not be what you are looking for. The review is designed for the occasional home power tool user.

We were just going to buy one DeWalt cordless power tool (the screwdriver) but we found that by buying the 4-piece cordless power tool set we actually saved money and got more for our money.

review of dewalt 18-volt cordless power tools combo kit

What you get with the DeWalt 4-Piece Cordless Power Tool Kit

  1. Compact drill/driver
  2. Impact driver
  3. Reciprocating saw
  4. Pivoting-head flashlight
  5. two (2) nickel-cadmium batteries
  6. battery charger
  7. storage bag

We are super happy with the DeWalt cordless power tools. They are heavy-duty, have long-lasting batteries, and are super powerful. We do suggest that you consider getting the 18-volt instead of the 12 or 14-volt tools because you will appreciate the power much more and won’t get frustrated using them. The battery takes around an hour to charge. The flashlight is super bright and the best we have ever had. Now we don’t have to worry that our flashlight won’t be bright enough to see in the woods or won’t be around when the lights go out.

You do not get drill bits, saw blades, or sockets for the impact driver so you will have to purchase those separately.

By buying the 4-piece tool kit you save money and get 2 batteries so you can always have one charging and ready. For the price you are almost getting the light, the impact, and the saw for free. The added bonus of a carrying bag was great too. The bag is heavy-duty and made well and will help you keep all of the tools and pieces like bits, saw blades, sockets in one place because the bag has all kinds of little pockets on the inside and outside of the bag. The bag also has a stiff bottom and a zipper to close it.

If you are going to shop online at you will want to search for Item #: 79897  |  Model #: DCK425C

Check out our video review of the DeWalt cordless tool set.

Disclaimer: This was a personal purchase and no one contacted us to write this review. All opinions are our own.