Snickers Crisper Saves the Day

Picture it:

I am running errands with the toddler. In and out of stores. Its lunch time. I am at the pet store literally picking up 30 pound bags of dog food, kid decides to throw a mini-tantrum because I won’t buy her a toy bell for the pet bird (we don’t have a bird by the way), dragging all the kicking and screaming weight out the door and into the car. Toddler needs a diaper change. We change IN the back of the car. Now her sippy cup is out of juice. Still have to drive home. I have to pee excruciatingly bad (sorry!). AND its lunch time (did I already mention that?). I am about to get….

Snickers Crisper Hangry Face


Hanger. That is a real thing.  It’s when you are so hungry and your blood sugar drops so low, you get so cranky and angry that smashing into the car in front of you in traffic sounds like a good idea. Don’t worry, I didn’t get to that point. But the HANGER – the combo of Hunger and Anger – is real.

Time to grab a Snickers. You know those great commercials where the Brady Bunch is sitting around and “Marsha” turns into Machete’s Danny Trejo because she’s so rageful? Ya that’s pretty accurate. That was me. I want a Snickers. Snickers equals satisfaction. But if you can believe it, Snickers just got even better.

I give you… the SNICKERS CRISPER.

Snickers Crisper Hangry Face

The Crisper is the Snickers with a satisfying crunch…Crisp rice wrapped in awesome chocolately peanuty caramel delightfulness, seemingly sent to us from the heavens above.

So back to our scene I laid before you:

I stumble in the door, kick a doorstep-placed package inside, place toddler down, run to bathroom, wash hands, and proceed to sort out my thoughts on what to do next. I am starving. STARVING I SAY! But first, I must open the mystery door step package. It’s from SheSpeaks, it’s a blogger program. They’ve sent me a product to try…Lo and behold… an entire box of – you guessed it – Snickers Crispers!! What timing!! (I’m sorry I kicked you!) I open up the package and take a bite.  The chocolatey crunch tames the wild savage hunger beast inside me and I am nice happy mama again. Goodbye Danny Trejo from Machete. Seems too good to be true, but it’s not…these puppies are only 100 calories per square! AH so I can have at least 2 or 3 before feeling guilty!

Snickers Crisper Tame the Hunger Hangry
You can find this treat at Walmart next time you’re there. Buy a bar or two to keep in case of a Hanger emergency. Or a whole bag o’ Fun Size to keep in your purse, or give one to your kids when out and about (they get Hangry too!). Stick a couple in their Easter baskets. Trust me, try them, you will want them EVERYWHERE. Tame your hangry beast. And Thank you MARS for taking satisfaction to the next level!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/MARS. The opinions are our own, but we may have received goods or compensation for this article.