A Sockscription For Men Who Don’t Have Time to Shop

Most men I know do not like to spend time shopping. I know I don’t. For women, shopping is an emotional experience, but for many men shopping is just an added chore.

If you are a man who wears socks, and what man doesn’t unless he lives on a desert island, and you are looking for one thing, anything, that will make shopping faster and worry-free, then you need to check out the Black Socks website. Blacksocks deliver high quality socks, year round, right to your door. No more sock stress! Shipping is included in the purchase price with all orders worldwide too.

About Black Socks Sockscription

Founded by Swiss entrepreneur Samy Liechti, Blacksocks delivers men’s socks by sockscription.  It’s kind of like a sock club for men. Last fall, color was added to the collection (navy, grey and red).  All products are made in Italy using the finest PIMA cotton and ship from Italy.

They also sell a line of luxury European underwear (briefs or boxers) and undershirts (V-neck or crew T-shirts).

Their inventory includes:


Here’s how the Subscription Setup for Black Socks Works:

  1. Select which item you want and how often you want them delivered
  2. Add to your item(s) to your cart and submit your order
  3. In 10-14 days, 3 pairs of high-quality black socks arrive by mail
  4. 4 months later, your second delivery of 3 pairs of socks arrives by mail
  5. 4 months after that, you receive your final delivery of 3 pairs of socks by mail
  6. 11 months from when you placed your order, they will send you an email asking whether you would like them to renew your sockscription.
  7. You choose whether to continue to live sock-worry-free.

Once you setup your sockscription, you will never have to go sock shopping again. Your sock drawer automatically replenishes itself with always-matching black socks. Recently, Blacksocks opened a US office to serve the growing number of North American customers and you can reach them by calling 800-407-6736 as well as through the website.

The Black Sock system let’s you live “sock-worry-free” and men will love not having to think about buying socks, or even underwear again.

My Thoughts on Black Socks

I am impressed with the quality of the socks I received. I received the Classic Men’s Calf Socks in black, size large. They came packaged in a stiff cardboard envelope, directly from Italy. The socks were protected in a plastic, resealable bag. The socks themselves are very good quality, much better than you would find at a local department or big box store in the US and are made from Peruvian Pima cotton, Polyamid and Lycra. I thought the price was right. Each pair cost around $10.00 USD and for a quality pair of socks this was not expensive.


socks from italy

black socks from italy


  • quality socks
  • packaged well
  • they offer sample and trial packages to try out before you commit to a full-year subscription
  • affordable


  • you have to sign up for a one-year subscription

Disclaimer: Blacksocks provided me with a pair of socks to review. We were not compensated for this review. All opinions are our own.