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Summer Fit Activities Books for Summer Vacation

Kids are off from school and while they may not want to think about school work for a very long time, parents and educators know that little minds need to be kept learning. You don't want them to get ... Continue Reading . . .

Clever Cogz “Robot Dog” Books for Inquisitive Kids!

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How to Make Hummingbird Nectar (Step by Step)

Hummingbirds are some of the smallest birds in the world. Flapping their tiny wings burns up calories fast so to maintain their momentum, hummingbirds need to eat a lot. And what do they like to eat? ... Continue Reading . . .

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10 Kids Summer Camping Essentials

Here are 10 summer camp essentials to send your kids to camp with. Kids 8 years and older will probably be the best age to pack some of these items. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to use them alone ... Continue Reading . . .

Easy Double Chocolate Glazed Cake Donuts

Making cake donuts is as easy as making brownies or cupcakes. We start with a batter and put them in donut pans and then bake in the oven. These aren't traditional deep-dried donuts so they will have ... Continue Reading . . .

Rustoleum Makes Wood or Metal Furniture Look New

I decided to paint the deck furniture since it was starting to look dull and the paint was chipping. I have been lax and didn't paint it last year and it shows. With the outdoor wood deck furniture I ... Continue Reading . . .

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