10 Kids Summer Camping Essentials

Here are 10 summer camp essentials to send your kids to camp with. Kids 8 years and older will probably be the best age to pack some of these items. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to use them alone and may forget to bring them home after camp. Kids can never have too many essentials at camp and mom will know they are well prepared with the following items

Kids Summer Camping Essentials

Image Credit: GoGo Squeez

Yummy Snacks: kids get all of the food and snacks they need but nothing says home like a little bit of treats at night when lights are out. Fill a zip-lock bag with treats such as granola bars, gummy fruit snacks and rollups, SqueeZable Applesauce and fruit Pouches, beef jerky, nuts and dried berries (for kids that aren’t allergic to nuts), Annie’s, Homegrown crackers, bags of chips or Ritz crackers. All of these snacks are perfect for packing.

Flashlight: a small handheld flashlight might be nice to pack or even a small lantern. Today’s flashlight and lanterns also double as a charging station for tablets and phone. Some are even solar. My favorite kids camp lantern charges, has different light levels and can even send out a distress signal too and it’s super small for packing in kid’s backpacks.

Bug Spray or Wipes: inset repellent wipes are probably the easiest to pack instead of a can of bug spray. They provide long-lasting protection from mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats and chiggers. You may also want to pay anti-itch cream.

Stationary: stationary isn’t something that is used too often these days but I can suggest that you include a camp journal or diary. Kids like to document their experience for future reading and share their secrets in a diary. A Summer camp journal or diary is also a good idea.

Pillow and Blanket: A pillow and blanket from home is a must. When kids are far away from home – or even just down the street – for an extended period of time the trusty, pillow, blanket and event stuffed toy can reassure them.

Games: just because we live in the age of technology doesn’t mean the old school games can’t be fun. Add a pack of cards, a glow-in-the dark frisbee, or even old school jacks and a ball might be fun to add to their supplies.

Cute Clothes: When my boys used to go away for camp I would put each day’s outfits into zip-loc bags. I would add a shirt, shorts, underwear and socks. Each day they never had to figure out what to wear. They just picked a different outfit bag. Then they could use the bags to add the dirty clothes in.