Review of Orville Redenbacher’s Popup Popcorn Bowl

I received a box of Orville Redenbacher’s Popup popcorn bowl as part of a prize I won and I thought it would be good to share a review of this new product with everyone.

We don’t eat much microwave popcorn in our house. We mainly eat pan popcorn – kernel popcorn cooked in a saucepan in oil. And of course, you must put Parmesan cheese on top.


When we do eat microwave popcorn Orville Redenbacher’s is one of our favorites. The Orville popup bowl makes is just as easy to use as the regular Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn and of course, it is the same quality popcorn. The difference is when you are done and you open the bag, on the inside of the bag is a clear plastic liner. When you are finished popping it you remove one end of the liner and the stiff outer wrapper acts as a bowl becuase it will stand on one end.

While the bowl is convenient, I found that the plastic wrapper was a little hard to remove and I ended up with oil all over my fingers. Although in theory it is a good idea, I like putting my popcorn in a bowl and not reaching my hand into an oily bag, or in this case bowl. It is a good idea and kids probably won’t mind getting a little oil on their fingers and hands. But, mom, you will want to test it out to make sure they don’t get more than you want because they just might use your furniture as a napkin. If you just eat the Orville popcorn out of the bag normally then you will like the convenience of having the popping bowl.

I can also see how the Orville Redenbacher Popup popcorn bowl would be a good idea for camping because since it acts as a bowl that is one less thing you have to bring and clean up.

I would say that if the Orville Redenbacher Popup popcorn bowl costs more then it is probably not worth it. It’s a good idea but one I wouldn’t spend extra money on. I found it at our local Stop and Shop for $3.69 for a box of 6 (see picture below). At some point it might go on sale or the price might end up being the same as the regular Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn.

price of the orville redenbacher popping bowl

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Have you tried the new Orville Redenbacher Popup bowl yet? If so, what do you think about it?

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  1. Dear “orville”
    when filming this commercial for this product, how many times did u have to do it before the “bowl” actuley didnt spill/explode while in the microwave???so when a GOOD company makes this same product in a BETTER way, ill be sure to buy their product instead:) oh but great popcorn! why doesnt your company stick to a less sophiscticated way of producing the popcorn bag:):)
    sincerely annoyed consumer

    • John, I totally agree. I love their popcorn but when I tested the bowl it didn’t work for me. Too much grease got on my fingers and it wasn’t worth it just to have a convenient bowl.

  2. Christy says:

    All in all I thought it was terrible. I normally like their popcorn. I have microwaved several bags (of other popcorn) with no problem. I mean, it’s not like it’s hard. lol This one is! Who’d a thought! I have burned at least 2 bags because I thought “okay, surely that can’t be ALL the popcorn that’s in that bag right?” Well, apparently it was. The last time I microwaved it the plastic melted! Seriously? This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Someone is going to get burned and then sue the company. They need to rethink this product. And coming from someone who has children, I would NOT hand them this “bowl” of popcorn. Another thing, why do plastic bottle companies not to drink their bottled water after it has been sitting in your car in the heat? The answer is because it releases cancer causing chemicals into your water when the plastic heats up. I’m just saying.

    • I like the Orville popcorn but I had issues with the bowl too. It was super messy. I guess it is a good idea but sometimes we just need to keep things simple and use a regular bowl.

  3. This just made the popcorn a greasy mess to eat. I wouldn’t buy it again (I only bought it in the first place because I couldn’t find the regular bags).

  4. Christina says:

    I’ve been buying orville redenbacher’s movie theater butter popcorn forever! I saw the pop up bowl and thought I’d try it. After wasting 3 bags trying to get the popcorn to not only pop but to not burn I gave up. Now I have 3 bags in my cupboard I’m going to have to throw out. What a waste of money….

  5. I have been a great admirer of your popcorn for years. But some improvements I can do without. I do not care at all for your pop up bowls. By the time you get the bag open it makes the corn tough because you can’t let out the steam quick enought because it takes too long to open the confusing way you have it set up. There is less popcorn than your regular bags. Unfortunately the stores are not stocking the Kettle Corn style in the regular bags so it looks like Pop Secret is my next choice although I do like your popcorn better. Also, I was sad to see the Pour Over Cheddar go. I much preferred it to the regular cheese popcorn you now have.

  6. There’s much less popcorn in the new pop-up bowl plus it always burns the popcorn or the bag comes apart in the microwave. It’s also hard to open. I’ve quit buying Orville Reddenbacher because my store no longer carries the “Ultimate Butter” in the old bags, which of course worked perfectly. Goodbye Orville. You must be losing a fortune in sales by now. The guy who approved this new bag should be fired, and the guy who invented it should be shot! It’s back to Pop Secret for me.

    • I agree with you! It’s back to Top Secret for my family too. The kids are begging me not to bring home any more Redenbacher Pop-Up Bowls!! We threw 2 of them away just to get them out of the kitchen. Popcorn didn’t pop well, bag won’t tear open and it’s a greasy tasteless mess.

  7. I decided to try Orville Redenbacher’s “POP UP BOWL” and purchased it 5/26/12. I WILL NEVER BUY IT AGAIN !!!! HORRIBLE PRODUCT !! I agree with George about firing the person who approved it and I wouldn’t shoot the guy who invented it but I might consider hanging him from his toe hairs and giving him only POP UP BOWLS to eat LOL !!! 3 bags in a row did NOT pop after 2 minutes. Waste of my money and a real bummer because I was looking forward to popcorn

    • Isn’t it typical that someone in marketing has an idea, and the company plods forward without testing the market for approval. I’m sure if the origional packaged popcorn and the new pop-up bowl popcorn were side by side on the shelves, people would try the new pop-up bowl. But after a short period of time guess what the preferred product would be?
      I’m really disappointed that because of someone’s short-sightedness I have to try to find a replacement. Why would I buy something that has packaging I don’t like, and pay for less product in this packaging! It’s nuts!

  8. Product is horrible. Total Ripoff…..less popcorn and it burns. Don’t waste your money….worst part is our favorite popcorn Tender White is now only being sold in these darn bowls in our area… we are struggling to find our popcorn. Please get rid of the bowls and give me my popcorn back….I’m really not to lazy to pour my popcorn into my own bowl….

  9. We use to eat tender white. It WAS very tasty and in a very usable package. What idiot in marketing decided that it would be a good idea to take a good product and make it a product that burns all the time. and is now not eatable.

    Therefore, it is not buy-able. Good Job Marketing.

  10. The popcorn tastes like plastic and the house smelled like plastic aso. I’m sticking with stovetop and regular bags. Sorry your marketing department made such a poor choice in ‘product enhancement’ 🙁

  11. I agree with Christin about the plastic taste…and smell. It wasn’t that long ago we heard on the news and other media….”DON’T PUT PLASTIC IN THE MICROWAVE….IT’S BAD FOR YOU !” We were told that the plastic ends-up in the food, then we eat it and it’s causes cancer and who knows what else. MR. REDENBACHER, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??
    Please put your popcorn back in the normal bag. Or at least offer both products to the customer and let them decide what they’d like to put into their body.. Most stores only carry the new “Popping Bowl”….Bad Idea!!……New product is GARBAGE. Switch back before you lose all your faithful customers. 🙁

  12. Pop up bowls are terrible… They leak and explode in the microwave.
    Just bought two boxes… Half the bags leaked butter and oil all over the
    Inside of my oven!! Really bad, won’t buy it again. I will stick to my air popper.

  13. Samantha says:

    This bowl burns every time I make it. I even stop it early and it doesn’t seem to matter. Not worth the money spent. The shame is that I can’t seem to find the regular boxes anymore.

  14. What an absolutely epic failure. Either the developers didn’t think it through or the produvction staff didn’t follow the plan. Messy, hard to open. Not even a great idea. I expected better from Redenbacher. however, popcorn is good.

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