How to Make Balloon Flip Flops

Here’s a fun craft project kids love to make in the summer, Water Balloon Flip Flops. You can buy flip flops cheap at the dollar store. We bought the most colorful ones we could find. You will also find cheap flip flops at Michaels and ACMoore crafts stores.

Level of Difficulty:

  • Easy

Supplies Needed:

  • cheap flip flops
  • 120 water balloons

How to Make Balloon Flip Flops

Water Balloon Flip Flops are easy to put together. I would say this is a beginner kids craft project.


1. Begin at one end of a flip flop strap, tie a water balloon onto the strap to make a knot. Make sure the knot is facing outward.

2. Continue tying water balloons onto the strap until the entire strap is covered. Make sure to place push each balloon tight to the previous one after it is tied onto the flip flop strap.

Play around with different colors to create the look you want to achieve.

Helpful Tips:

Remove all of the water balloons from the bag and have the kids stretch each of the out. This will make them easier to tie onto the flip flops. Some water balloons are small so stretching them makes them longer.

Use larger balloons for smaller children as small hands may not be able to tie water balloons because they are quite small.