4 Tips For Popping Better Microwave Popcorn

If you’re going to eat microwave popcorn, here are 4 tips for popping better microwave popcorn so you don’t burn it and stink up the microwave and the kitchen.

4 Tips For Popping Better Microwave Popcorn

Tip #1: For improved results, pre-heat a cup of water on high in the microwave for one minute. Remove the cup of water and proceed with popping instructions.

Tip #2: After popping, shake the bag before opening for even distribution of salt and flavoring.

Tip #3: Stopping and starting the microwave while popping can reduce the number of popped kernels. Set the timer for longer than you need and just listen for the popping to stop to remove the bag.

Tip #4: If your microwave oven does not sufficiently pop popcorn, try raising the bag off the floor of the oven using an inverted microwaveable plate. Do not use plastic or paper as melting or scorching may occur.

Happy Popping and enjoy your perfectly popped microwave popcorn!

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  1. Thanks for the tips, Sweetie! I will try them the next time I make microwave popcorn 🙂

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