Cabot Cheddar Cheese Now Comes in Sandwich Slices & Shredded Form

Our favorite cheese, Cabot, now comes in sandwich slices. I use Cabot chunk cheese all of the time to make toasted bagel, tomato, and cheese sandwiches but putting the chunks of Cabot cheddar cheese on the bagel is often too bulky and thick. Cabot sandwich slices makes this much easier because I don’t have to cut the cheese and the thickness is uniform.

toasted bagel with cabot cheese

Cabot Sandwich Slices aren’t wimpy, artificial cheese either, but the all natural Cabot cheddar cheese we already love.

cabot cheddar cheese slices and shredded form

We also discovered that Cabot also produces their wonderful cheddar cheese in shredded form. We use shredded cheese all of the time in recipes and on top of pasta so this is perfect. We bought the Cabot Seriously Sharp Shredded cheese because we like that variety the best – the sharper the better – and Cabot is the best cheese out there on the market today.

seriously-sharp-cabot-cheese shredded

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Greg! Our farm family owners (and I) really appreciate your kind words!

  2. Great cheese and nice to meet your other half:)

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