Chipins Popcorn Chips are SO Addicting!

@Popcorn_Indiana Have you tried Chipins Popcorn Chips? I just did and this is what I think of them. Okay, so I saw this package of Chipins Popcorn Chips on the shelf and thought, that picture is enticing so I will try them. I love popcorn and rice cakes and this looked like a twist on them. Besides, the picture made me want it – I think that was the point. And, the bag read, 130 calories for bout 18 Chipins. These Chipins looked fat so 18 must be a lot with a little calorie intake. SOLD!

Chipins Buffalo Wing Review

When I opened the bad I was disappointed. The top of the bag was filled with air and the chips were near the bottom. The chips don’t look much like the picture. They did a good Photoshop job on them for sure. I would show you but I ate them all – more on that later.

When you bite on a Chipin you are sold and you could care less what they look like. They are a mix between a rice cake, popcorn and a chip. I can’t quite put my finger on it. The texture if amazing and the flavor has a kick to it. You will need a glass of water when you eat these. I got the Hot Buffalo Wing flavor. I actually got them for Greg because he likes spicy food. I didn’t think I would like them but I did. Okay, so it’s day 3 and the bag is empty. Once you start eating these little chip thingies you CAN’T STOP! Seriously, I need more right now.

Check these chip alternatives out the next time you are in Walmart or your local grocery store. They are made by Popcorn Indiana, the makers of the fabulous Kettlecorn. That was another reason why I decided to try them. The Indiana Kettlecorns is FABULOUS to say the least. I love kettlecorn at local fairs and theirs compares to the fresh kettlecorn.

They also sell them in Sea Salt (my next purchase), White Cheddar, and Jalapeno Ranch (hmm, that sounds interesting).

Shop online or find your favorite local store to buy them today.

Okay, did I mention that I love snacks 🙂 Once I had one Chipins Greg didn’t stand a chance. I think he maybe had a handful. I will have to go buy a bag just for him now.

Sweet! They are offering a printable discount coupon on their Facebook page.

Disclosure: I bought this with my own money and just had to share my opinion of them.

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