Coach Wristlet Review: A Perfectly Sized Purse with an Affordable Pricetag

I now own a couple of @Coach wristlets and they are the perfect size to carry IDs and just my Smartphone. Sometimes that is all you need. My Coach wristlet also has a little extra space for lipstick and some spare change. I find myself using the wristlet more and more because I don’t want to carry a heavy purse around most of the time. I also found that no other purse manufacturer makes a purse that looks like the Coach wristlet. I have searched high and low and haven’t found any other option that works for me.

I purchased the black signature Coach wristlet at my local Coach outlet store. When you walk into the outlet store you are usually handed a 20% or 30% off coupon. When I visited I received the 30% off coupon so the Coach wristlet that is usually $100 at a regular Coach store was at the outlet price of $48 but I ended up paying $34. It’s a great deal on a purse that is just the right size.

I purchase both the black and brown signature Coach wristlet so I would have one for each color scheme. I tend to wear either black or brown shoes a lot of the time. Now, maybe I should consider a beige or white wristlet for summer when I wear a lot of white. Can you tell that I am classic in the fashion I wear?

About the Coach Wristlet:

Beautifully textured shantung, signature Coach fabric has authentic leather trim finishes. A detachable, leather handle allows you to use the wristlet as a wallet if you need to. The wider bottom allows you to put more things inside. It has a zip-top closure and fabric lining and measure 9-1/4″ wide x 5-1/4″ high by 1-1/2″ deep at the widest part, which is the bottom.

review of Coach wristlets

coach wristlet review

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