Cobra Walkie Talkies Give Hours of Fun Play

Today we pulled out the Cobra Walkie Talkies we had buried away in the closet and charged them up so the kids would play with them. We were amazed that they still worked but after years of sitting in a closet, they were still in perfect condition. We have had this set for years and they still hold a charge.

Cobra Kids Walkie Talkies

The girls had great fun running around the house calling each other. Walkie Talkies are easy for kids ages 6 and older to use and if you get a rugged set like the ones we have from Cobra, they will withstand all of the things kids do to them. The kids can drop the walkie talkies and they will still work fine. I wouldn’t suggest they get near water with them unless you buy waterproof Walkie Talkies.

Cobra Kids Walkie Talkies

Playing in a hammock with large sticks can be a lot of fun too.

Cobra Kids Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are easy for kids to use. Paisley (below), age 6 was able to figure out how to talk into it and also Call the other Walkie Talkie Ava and her friend Natalie had. The buttons are clearly marked. These Cobra Walkie Talkies are the perfect size for kids hands. They plastic is thick and they have a rubber antennae and also rubber buttons. The Walkie Talkies feature a Call button, Talk Button, On/Off/Volume button, multiple channels, and a place to put earphones. It takes about an hour to charge in the base and then they are good to go again for another 20 minutes of use.

Cobra Kids Walkie Talkies

Our model of Cobra Walkie Talkies aren’t sold anymore but it looks like Cobra still sells Walkie Talkies. Here are some we found on Amazon that are similar. If you have more than 2 kids, you may want to buy a set of 4 Walkie Talkies so more kids can have fun at once. We like our Cobra Walkie Talkies because they came with a base you plug into the wall for charging so there aren’t any batteries to replace. That might also be something to consider when purchasing Walkie Talkies for kids.

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