Craving Ice Cream? How About Nestle Lil’ Drumsticks

I saw these little guys in the Commissary this past week and had to pick them up. They looked like they wanted to be eaten and I love ice cream. I also love the regular-size Drumsticks so I know how good these would taste. And, I had a $1.00 coupon so all the much better to save myself some money and get a sweet treat.

The Nestle Lil’ Drumstick is the perfect size ice cream treat when you want a snack but don’t want to eat too much. In about 5 bites you can gooble this tasty treat up and not ruin your appetite for dinner.

There are 10 tiny cones in a box and the cost is around $3.99 I believe, cheaper at the Commissary of course and much cheaper with a coupon. I think I found the coupon in the All You magazine, either February or March 2011 issue.

There are two types of ice cream drumsticks in the box – Vanilla with Chocolatey Swirls and Chocolate with Chocolatey Swirls. So delicious and the perfect snack size. The box says there are 140 calories in each so not too much fat either.




Disclaimer: I purchased these Nestle Lil’ Drumsticks myself and this review is my own opinion. I was not compensated or contacted for a review by the company.

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  1. mykids LOVE these..i just bought some yesterday..yummy

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