Diamond Multimedia Internet Ethernet Kit Review

@Diamondmm The Diamond Multimedia Ethernet kit let’s you create a high speed network using your home’s existing electrical wiring. Say you have a device that is Internet ready but it is not wireless ready. You can’t plug it into a wireless router and use it so you would need a hard-wired network running through you house. Most people don’t have a network of cables wired into their walls and at best you might have long network cables running through the hallway and room to room – what a mess! The Diamond Multimedia kit solves the problem by using your home’s electrical outlet, your existing Internet access, and existing router to give you more Internet access points throughout your house.

The best part? You don’t have to be a geek or a techie person to set it up. It took us about 5 minutes to set it up and have it working.

Four Reasons to use the Diamond Multimedia Ethernet Kit:

1. For Internet-ready devices that do not have a wireless option.

2. For those who do not own a wireless router.

3. For those wanting faster speeds. Hard-wired networks tend produce faster transfer speeds than wireless networks.

4. For wireless devices that refuse to connect wirelessly

How to Setup the Diamond Multimedia Ethernet Kit

First, let’s look at what you get in the box. You get:

  • Two Adapters
  • Two Network cables
  • Instruction booklet
  • CD with manuals installed (not software)

Diamond Multimedia Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit Review, what's in the box

The instructional booklet shows you exactly how to set it up but let me explain it here:

1. Take one adapter and plug it into the wall outlet closest to your router. You must have a router for this to work. It will not work with just an Internet modem.

2. Take the supplied network cable and plug it into an open port in the router. You may want to use your existing network cable if it is longer as these short, about 2 feet long.

how to setup diamond multimedia ethernet kit

3. Take the second adapter and plug it into the wall outlet closest to the device you want to get onto the Internet. This does need to be an Internet-ready device. If it doesn’t have a place to plug a network cable in then it is not an Internet-ready device.

Internet-Ready devices can include TVs, XBOX, Wii, Blu-Ray Player

4. Plug the second network cable into the Internet-ready device.

how to setup diamond multimedia ethernet kit

If you are using a computer or laptop for the device you are plugging in you may have to enable the Network option. I had to log off and then log into Windows again to get it to work. If that doesn’t work then try to restart your computer. It really should automatically pick up the Internet without you having to do anything special.

If you have it installed properly, which is basically just making sure the cable is plugged in securely. If you hear it click you know it is plugged in properly.

Watch this video from Diamond Multimedia to see a more visual view of the setup.

[iframe: width=”500″ height=”284″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/HXEsKCodx-8″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Then, take a look at the adapter that is plugged in the wall. You will see three lights and a simple connect button. Here is the explanation of each light. These lights will blinks as they are being used and sending data back and forth. If it doesn’t appear to connect you can push the Simple Connect Button.

The top light is power – showing you that it is on

The middle light is power line activity – showing you that you have power coming in the wall outlet

The bottom light is Ethernet activity – showing you that you have Internet activity

Diamond Multimedia Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit Review

Use to connect your Netflix and other internet-ready devices such as media players, Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles

We have had problems with our laptop not connecting through our wireless router and this device would have solved the problem. When we tested the laptop with it for this review it connected immediately after logging off and back into Windows without any reconfiguration necessary. And, when I tested the laptop on the Internet with Firefox it was definitely faster than my wireless connection. A definite reason to use the Diamond Multimedia Ethernet Kit.

This kit gives you the option of having fast and stable Internet access anywhere in my house without always having to fuss with the Wi-Fi speeds and deadzones. It also gets rids of network cables snaking throughout the house and costly installations

The retail cost for the Diamond Multimedia Ethernet Kit is $79.99 and may be purchased at Amazon.com with free shipping.

Disclosure: Diamond Multimedia sent us this kit to test out and review. We have given you our honest opinion. It is a good product that does what it says it will do.

Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links. Some products may be media samples given to us to for our honest review. All opinions are our own and not that of the brand. Read our policies for more details.

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