Disney’s “Internet of Toys” LED Lights

Disney is working toward a line of products it calls the “Internet of Toys” – devices that will communicate with one another through blinking LED bulbs, says Stefan Mangold, one of the project’s researchers. Tentatively named “Linux Light Bulb,” the protocol allows products to trade data over IP without being fully connected to Wi-Fi. “Communication with light enables a true Internet of Things as consumer devices that are equipped with LEDs but not radio links could be transformed into interactive communication node,” said Mangold, who created the technology.

Disney Linux Light Bulbs

Because LED bulbs can be programmed the flash out binary codes the system could be implemented in older lighting systems and simply use a mesh network of visible light connections around, say, a house or collection of objects. Now the terrible kids toys your young ones want will have a reason for blinking and, with the advent of sound-based checksum systems, caterwauling like banshees.

It will be interesting to see what the final products actually look like and what they do. It should make for some fun Disney toys.

Source: Disney Research.com